I love the ornaments in this brand new e-book "Crafty Tree Trimmings"!

This beautiful collection of holiday trimmings,  a collaborative effort between six super-star crafters, offers six easy and festive projects that can be used as ornaments, garlands, gift tags, and stocking stuffers.

Since almost everything you need is probably already in your house and the book includes full size templates,  you can start your holiday crafting the minute the book is downloaded!

Blog Birthday Giveaway Winner Announced!

Congratulations, Dawt!  Your packet of fabrics and the star kits will be in the mail soon!

I know they are going to someone who will especially enjoy them because  Dawt recently wrote these words about my daughter:

'Sister Diane, one of THE most crafty guru-mentors-most-awesome-human-beings I have had the pleasure of knowing'

Music to a mother's ears!

I enjoy reading Dawt's blog The Little House Out Back and the comments she leaves for me here on mine are always heartwarming. But this one, left during my "Christmas in July" giveaway is one of my favorite sentiments - I have stored it away in my personal book of quotes and inspiration.

Given that the winter holiday season is almost upon us, I thought I would share her lovely words with you in case you missed seeing them in the post.

"I love the general atmosphere the winter holidays bring. People smile more (or is that I take more notice?) and seem to have a more tender heart toward others (or am I missing it the rest of the year?)"

A big holiday hug to each and every one of you for joining in the celebration of my first blog birthday!

You have overwhelmed me with your kind words, appreciation, and encouragement.  And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Antonio's Gift - How to Make Pressed Fall Leaves Into Sparkly Ornaments

Antonio gave me these beautiful leaves the day I went to his house to teach him to make fall leaf candles.  And since they make perfect Christmas tree ornaments, I just had to share!

I love how children can teach you things you would have never thought of making or doing. We started the afternoon together making fall leaf candles.  I had also brought along red, blue and silver glitter so Antonio and his sister, Sophia, could decorate pine cones.

Sharing a new Advent Calendar

I have been wanting to make this giant Advent Calendar for almost 10 years!   10 YEARS!  How many of you have had projects on the back burner that long???

Martha started it all with her Advent Calendar using Christmas cards as the scenes behind the windows. I have been smitten with the idea ever since! I started collecting beautiful Christmas cards right away!

Crafty Christmas Guide to the First Year's Tutorials!

I decided...

 since we are now officially headed at "breakneck speed" toward the holiday season and since many, many of you have written me to tell me you found this little blog only recently...

 to create this "pre-season" post to give you instant access to all my Christmas and gift related tutorials from the past year!


Merry Marshmellow Men


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