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Celebrate St. Lucy Day and Scandinavian Crafts.

Santa Lucia oct09

image and Lucy Doll by Alkelda

Lucy Day - the celebration of St. Lucia - is almost here and preparations are in full force in Norway, Sweden and Denmark because Lucy Day is the beginning of the Christmas holidays which will last for many in Scandinavian countries until January 20th - St. Knut's Day!

Bolo Rei - Special Holiday Cake from Portugal

Bolo Rei - Xmas Cake

Note:  I assisted Christina with placing this yummy recipe from Portugal on the cookie swap.  I hope you will take the time to go visit her on Flickr. She will soon be posting pictures of the Nativity she has built in front of her home - you won't want to miss it.

Christine wrote the background information and the recipe. Enjoy.

Come, join me and Margit as she tells us about a Danish Christmas


Margit has decorated her tree this year with glass balls and nature related ornaments she has designed herself.  According to Margit, her tree is quite untraditional but I love her idea of untraditional!

 Before continuing, let me apologize for "disappearing" for several days!  It could not be helped, but I am very happy to be up and around and back to myself again!

Las Posadas begins!

My Nacimeinto  - nativity - which I put out at the beginning of Las Posadas on December 16th.

La Virgen Guadalupe - December 12th

My tiny altar for La Virgen Guadalupe.

Diane made the origami lilies years ago and I include them in my holiday celebrations every year.

Join Angie - At Home in Mexico - in her celebration of La Virgen Guadalupe.

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