March 2009

  • Help me! Help me please! I can't make up my mind!

    All appearances to the contrary here in the cold, grey, soggy Pacific Northwest, winter is over. The calendar on my wall says it is now officially spring, and in just three more months it will be summer.

    When I started this blogging adventure, it was supposed to be for a couple months each year - November and December. But now that my mentor, Diane, has proven to me how much fun it is to blog, I just can't stop! And that means my header needs a new summertime look. Please help me to choose between the two images below by leaving me a comment and telling me which one you prefer.

    PLEASE HELP! I am so conflicted!

    Me drinking tea on my patio near my pond (which I do every day) while I think about new plants to add to the garden and new craft projects to share... OR...

    Butterflies fluttering about among flowers and beaded snowflakes.

    I was going to spill the beans and tell you just how K and I created these lovely summertime images in the dead of winter - well spring really, but it still looks like the dead of winter around here! But I have changed my mind. Secret photographer's tricks! That's all I'm saying!

    Once again, I want to thank each and every one of you for enriching my life through your participation in my blog adventure. And a huge hug to you Diane for starting it all!

  • Make Easy "Napkin Cuffs" from Tooling Foil


    There seems to be a lot of buzz these days about using cloth napkins instead of paper napkins. My lovely MIL, who has been a diligent recycler for the past 30+ years, makes her own napkins, and to cut down on water use and detergent pollutants, she reuses a set of napkins for several meals.

    She has a beautiful collection of silver heirloom napkn rings, each one a little different, and she gives every family member their own ring to hold their personal napkin from meal to meal. Once a meal is over, the napkins are placed back in the rings, gathered on a pretty tray and either placed on the side-board or returned to the center of the cleared table.

  • No jar left behind! Recycle Condiment and Jam Jars into Seasonal Candles


    Here are some glass jars "re-purposed" into candle lanterns for Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall! And the best part - all of these (except the Fall lantern) can be "re-purposed" again for another use, like maybe holding buttons, or beads, or glue sticks!

  • March is a good month to think "green"

    March is a great month to focus on "re-purposing", "sustained re-use", and "multi-purposed objects" (objects that multi-task).


    My favorite "multi-tasking object"...

    My embroidery hoop (rescued from a garage sale a few years ago), seen here in its Christmas/Valentine mobile incarnation. If you have an extra hoop lying around that is not currently in use, turn it into a mobile until you need it again. It is so simple to attach a few favorite seasonal objects.

  • Eureka! My Table Loom Is Operational!

    I bought myself a birthday present last year - a Rigid Heddle Loom made by Ashford Wheels and Looms, New Zealand. And then, I proceeded to spend the entire year finding "other things to keep me busy". Like this blog! That's it ... that's why I never got this loom put together. I'll blame it on the blog!


  • Spring - Three Weeks Away!

    It still feels like winter around here (snow yesterday) and my winter village is still sitting out, but I know spring is right around the corner because...

    My pussywillows are beginning to pop out of their shells...

    ...And flower buds on my ornamental plum trees are beginning to swell just a tiny bit.

    Go outside and look around for branches from flowering trees or bushes that you can bring into your nice warm home.

    Within two days, the tight little buds will begin to swell, and within four or five days they will be almost ready to pop open!

    Morning of the 6th day! First blossom opens at 7:00 am.

    And look at how many popped by noon!

    What are you waiting for? Go cut a few branches and bring them inside. Enjoy the show!