January 2010

  • Brigid's Crosses

    My very first Brigid's Cross or St. Brigid's Cross! 

    Some people worship the goddess, and some recognize and worship the saint.   Most of the links at the end of the post today are intended to share the stories of both goddess and saint. I hope you will take time to read them and learn more of the rich history and lore surrounding Brigid and perhaps find your own reasons to honor her by making a Brigid's Cross.

    I am celebrating Brigid as the goddess of creative inspiration and expression by Making a Brigid or St. Brigid Cross!

  • Imbloc! Brigid's Day! Candlemas! Oh yes and Groundhog Day!

    For all these many years I thought February 2nd was Groundhog Day!!!

    It is so much more than that!

  • "Unmade" Ornament Rescue complete! Sweet ATC Frames and a Little Dala

    Inspiration for another Dala from the Land of Unmade Ornaments

    But we will get back to that in a bit!  First I just have to share these cute little owls I absolutely HAD to make! 

  • Planning and Organizing Blog Posts for the Year

    I couldn't resist introducing this post with a shot of our 10" diameter Hibiscus blossom (Hibiscus moscheutos) taken this past summer!  After all, this post is designed to give you a few tools for planning your blog posts for the whole year ahead!  Why not a picture of coming attractions?

    My readers in the southern hemisphere are already enjoying summer, so here is what's around the corner in their future!

  • Update from the Land of Unmade Ornaments!

     Finally done!  My red Dala!   Had to make a red one - it's traditional! Been putting this one off because I haven't attempted embroidery in years  and I wasn't feeling all that confident.  

    But once I got into it,  I had fun and learned a few new stitches along the way!  I really do not like the mane - huge mistake - but I would not like tearing it out more!!

  • Glorious Soups! And a Recipe for Country Style Beet Soup

    Another wonderful, nourishing soup recipe to share!

    But before I get to that  - on the way to this post, I encountered two more delicious soups shared recently on two other blogs I follow!

    Since it is January, and still cold and dark and rainy, my need for big hot bowls of lovely soup has not diminished!  So I made them both!

    And we enjoyed them so much, I decided to pass them on to anyone who might have missed them!

  • Celebrating St. Knut's Day - the Last Day of Christmas!

    Over 1000 year ago, King Canute of Denmark declared that Christmas should be celebrated for a period of 30 days beginning on St. Lucy Day, December 13th and ending on January 13th   -  that's today! 

    Happy St. Knut's Day!

    For some Scandinavians, especially those living on the Aland Islands, today is the day Christmas trees are taken down and ornaments and decorations are stored away for next year.

    I decided a little celebration is in order!  So I am spending the day in the Land of Unmade Ornaments!

  • Sausage Vegetable Soup for Cold Winter Evenings.

    It's January!  And one of my two favorite times of the year to eat lots and lots of soup! (The other being October!)

    Here in the Pacific Northwest it is always dark, always cold and usually rainy in January!  Definitely soup weather!  And from what I am hearing on the news about the weather systems blowing a blanket of deep snow over most of the northern hemisphere - many of you are in need of a big bowl of hot, nourishing soup about now!

  • Twelfth Day of Christmas Celebrations!

    The winter holidays aren't over yet!  Not for me!

    And not for my friend Debbie, who also still has a tree standing in her living room! And lights shining from the trees in her yard!

    I don't know why Christmas must be over on December 26th!  Read Debbie's post!  You might decide to join us for an extended holiday next year!

  • Happy Twelfth Day of Christmas! Giveaway Winner Announcement!

    Giveaway Kanzashi ornament!

    I love that two Kanzashi attached back to back become so three dimensional!  This fabric, by the way, was found at the Knittn' Knitten!

    The little ornament, (made by me!) is included with a copy of Diane's book Kanzashi in Bloom and -

    this fabulous Kanzashi kit that Diane made especially for this giveaway!

    To select the winner I decided to go something a little different using my Advent Calendar! 

    You might notice that there are more than 24 ornaments on the tree!  That is because I missed my morning ritual of placing an ornament on the tree so much, that I decided to extend the tradition throughout the twelve days of Christmas!  I had exactly enough spaces along the bottom  and at the tips of all the branches for 12 more ornaments!  As most of you know by now, finding 12 ornaments was NOT a problem!

    I wrote the name of each person who entered on a little card and placed the cards in the pockets!  Then I talked my sweetie into selecting the winner!

    Congratulations Heather!

    A big thank you to all of you who participated and shared your favorite memories.