October 2010

  • Happy Halloween


    Diane and Mike! Pure "vintage" Halloween!

    Costumes were always simple and inexpensive. Diane is wearing a little dress/apron I made her and Mike his very Raggedy Andy cords and shirt. All that was needed - a couple of yarn wigs and a little work with eyebrow pencil!

    (Mike hated the wig and nearly destroyed it before we plopped it on his head and grabbed this shot! Diane, of course, was MUCH better behaved.

    I am wishing you all a Happy Halloween!

  • Making Springerle to Celebrate 60 Days Til Christmas


    Almost 60 days until Christmas! And I am celebrating by baking a "old world" cookie that originated in central Europe sometime during the 1600's - Springerle!

    Once Springerle is baked, the cookies must be stored in an airtight container for about 4 to 6 weeks prior to eating so baking them in celebration of "60 days until Christmas" makes sense! Right?

  • Winner of the Stiffy and Glo Away Giveaway!


    The winner of the Plaid Stiffy and Glo Away Glow-in-the-Dark Gel Giveaway!

    True Randon Number Generator


    Number 17! Congratulations Carol!

    I hope you enjoy playing with these products as much as I have!

  • Don't Miss Carina's Christmas Stitches Class! Sign Up Now.


    photo by Carina - Carina's Craftblog

    Carina is teaching a fabulous on line embroidery class! Sign up for Christmas Stitches right here! And if you sign up before October 22nd, you will qualify for a $5.00 off discount! Get more details about the class and the discount here!

    Carina has put together a merry collection of holiday fun including ornaments and mittens and the shisha stitch for adding a small mirror to an embroidery.

    The class is for everyone, beginners are welcome, and includes 11 brand new Carina designed embroidery patterns along with instructions and tutorials for making every project!

    The class begins October 25th and will last four weeks - so by the end of class you should have every one on your gift list covered! All you will have left to do is wrap 'em up!

  • Making Ghostly Trick-or-Treaters and Glowing Goblin Ghosts


    How to make table top ghosts - er - trick-or-treaters.

    Note: My spooky friends are designed to haunt a table or mantle or peek out from a window sill rather than hang. The tallest is 16" and the littlest fellow is 6".

    With care in packing, they can be saved from year to year.  I still have two that are over 15 years old!

    You will need:

    Cheese cloth or gauze fabric

  • A Ghostly Tale and a Giveaway!


    Spooky! Spooky! Spooky!

    My little spook is actually two spooks - one spook made using gauze stiffened with Plaid Stiffy and another spook made using cotton broadcloth and Plaid GloAway Glow-in-the-Dark Gel.

    When the GloAway spook is tucked inside the gauze spook you get a ghostly, three dimensional, semi transparent ghost! When the lights are turned out!

  • Don't Miss These Halloween Crafty Links

    P1080893 Last year's Halloween tree and my Sweetie's beaded spiders.

    Halloween making is here! Just take a look at One Pretty Thing and Crafty Crow! Cassie and Rachel do such a fantastic job of keeping us all up to date and connected with what is going on in the crafty blogiverse. And right now that means Halloween - and fall themed - projects!

  • Can You Eat Those Cute Little Decorative Pumpkins?


    You absolutely can eat these little guys! They are delicious!

    And they may just be the way to get your kids to try out winter squash!

    Rebecca (Roots and Wings) and I are working together on a little project for November to make good use of any leftover mini pumpkins; but in the meantime, I thought it might be fun to share what my Sweetie and I have found out about eating them!

  • Oogie Boogie Has Turned to Stone!

    OogyBoogy rock

    I couldn't believe my eyes when this image popped up on my iPhoto library!

    My sweetie and I recently installed a display case of some of our favorite Zeolites in the Portland Regional Rock and Mineral Show. Since many of the specimens were relatively isolated, I took a few close-up shots, especially of some, like this one, that we collected ourselves.

    I had to share this bit of Halloween fun. Oogie Boogie turned to stone! Basalt and Thomsonite, actually!

    And now that I have your attention! I want to thank every one of you who have been leaving so many lovely comments on my recent posts. It means so much to me to hear from you and I am feeling a great deal of frustration because I am haven't responded by writing back and saying thank you.

    I hope you understand I am not ignoring you or taking you for granted. I simply have been "running out of Pamela" lately!

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading and sharing, and being a part of my crafty life adventures.

  • Earth Loom Revisited!


    Fall update on my garden Earth Loom!

    Just finished tucking in a few flowers from a "dead head" tour of the garden! They will dry out, of course, but they will stay pretty and colorful for at least ten days in this chilly and damp weather.

    A little fall color from my peony and big leaf maple. And more to come!