November 2010

  • Craftypod Online Class Gift Certificate Giveaway!


    I am so excited about this giveaway! A gift certificate which entitles the winner to take any one of Diane's 2011 Online Classes offered on Craftypod.

    Pop over to Diane's class schedule to view the classes offered. Then click on each class listed to learn more about what is covered in class and what to expect.

    I loved taking her "Craft Blog Tune-Up" class - not only because I personally learned many new things that I found very useful, but also because I got a huge kick out of watching the transformation take place in many of my classmates blogs as they put to use the lessons and tips Diane gave them. (My follow-up post featuring some of my classmates here.)

    "Write, Publish & Sell Your Crafty Ebook" is another class I have taken and would highly recommend to anyone thinking about creating a crafty Ebook. In addition to her thorough and clearly presented content, Diane provided links to so much information that I created a whole new file in my bookmarks - and it is full!

    And there are the live chats which Diane schedules to take place twice each week so that classmates can share directly, in real time, with each other. I usually sit there in stunned silence as I watch the flurry of questions and answers fly by! I don't know how in the world you guys process so fast! But I get a huge kick out of the chats and the best part is that Diane posts a full transcript of the chat for people like me and for those that were unable to attend.

    Diane is offering two brand spanking new classes in early spring 2011! "Creating and Presenting Online Classes" and "Making a Crafty Podcast". Be sure to follow the links to find out all about them.

    The lucky winner of the giveaway can choose any one of the classes listed - including the new ones!

    All you have to do to enter is to go to the class schedule page and then leave me a comment telling me which class you would take if you win!

    The giveaway is open to everyone - including international readers!

    Giveaway will end at 6:00 pm PST December 8th.

    And don't forget - the gift certificate can be a gift to YOU or a gift to a crafty friend! In fact, a gift certificate for one of Diane's online classes would be a great gift for any one of your crafty friends or relatives. All you have to do is to give Diane the recipient's name and she does the rest!  No shopping! No wrapping! And they will love you for it!

    Thank you Diane for being so receptive to my great idea when I called you and said - "Diane, I just had a thought! I would like to hold a holiday giveaway for a gift certificate!"

    I know! I know! I have had a lot of giveaways lately on Gingerbread Snowflakes!

    What can I say? It's the holiday season! And of course the great giveaways sponsored by Plaid added to the numbers! Yup! Way more than is usual around these parts!

    But isn't if fun?

  • Gallery Glass Winner!


    The Random Integer Wizard has chosen a winner of the Gallery Glass Giveaway sponsored by Plaid Enterprises and Amy at Mod Podge Rocks!

    And the winner is:

    Number 13! Susan Spies!

    Susan has a couple hanging lamps she wants to transform using Gallery Glass! Now she will be able to finish them in time for Christmas!

    Congratulations Susan. I will be sending you an e-mail shortly!

    Thank you to everyone who entered and shared a little about the projects they would make if they won! I always love hearing about all the amazing and creative ideas my fellow crafters dream up!

    And one more thank you to Amy for giving me the opportunity to experience products I might not have ever tried! I now have a whole palette of Folk Art colors on my craft table and ventured beyond the Russian dolls to make a gourd Nutcracker for my son! Stiffy has become a "must have on hand" item in my crafty tool box. And I am looking for the perfect lamp - the old fashioned hand held lamps that held a candle - for my next Gallery Glass project.

    But first - got to finish a bunch of Christmas presents!

  • St. Nicholas Eve Cookie Recipe Swap: A Reminder and How It Will Work!


    It is almost time for the St. Nicholas Eve Winter Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap!

    On December 5th - St. Nicholas Eve - Gingerbread Snowflakes is hosting a Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap by means of a linking system called inlinkz.

  • Easy and Fanciful Scrappy Trees Using Yarnia Cones and Yarn Leftovers


    Look at this little tree (the center one) that popped out of my Yarnia scrap bag last night!

    I am just crazy about it! Well - I am!!

  • My Third Annual Podcast with Diane at Craftypod!


    I interrupt my holiday crafting to announce that Diane has just posted our third annual Craftypod holiday podcast!

    I hope you will make yourself a cup of tea or cocoa, pile a plate high with cookies, snuggle into your favorite chair, put your feet up and listen as we share a few memories and giggles while talking about keeping a more organized and sane Christmas!

  • Announcing the Winner of the Two Ebooks and Woven Tree!


    My little winter elf has just selected the winning number for the Ebook Giveaway!

    The winning number is 4!

    Gill - congratulations! Your little tree will be on it's way to Norway soon! I will send you an e-mail with all the particulars!

    A reminder to all of you who didn't win, don't forget the 6 page little Woven Tree Tutorial is yours free when you place an order between now and December 31st for any crafty Ebook or crafty business Ebook from Diane's Craftypod Shop

    Thank you  everyone.

  • Join Robin and Me in the Great 2010 Stocking Giveaway

    big button

    The minute I heard about the 2010 Stocking Giveaway over at RSISLAND CRAFTS I wrote Robin and told her to sign me up as a participant!

    What could be more fun than filling a stocking with goodies and holding a giveaway? Filling a stocking with goodies and holding a giveaway along with a bunch of other bloggers all at the same time - that's what!

    This is not a swap - it is a giveaway and it doesn't begin until December 1st. which is plenty of time to make or pick up a stocking and fill it with goodies so you can post it on your own blog.

    I hope some of you will join us! Actually, I hope many of you will join us! All you have to do is read the details here and send Robin a note and let her know you are in! Or simply add a comment at the bottom of the post letting her know you are joining us.

    On December 1st. she will install a Mr. Linky so that all the participating blogs will be linked and anyone who wishes can make the rounds and put their name in the hat!

    I have already started making a couple ornaments for my stocking! I just think this is such a fun idea.

    Robin and I are shipping international - I don't know about the other participants. But if you live outside the USA and don't mind shipping international, won't you join in also? Stockings - as long as they are not filled with coal, can be quite light weight and easy to ship! Think about it! Write Robin! Say YES!

    Now - I am headed back to ornament making!

  • Light up Your Thanksgiving Table with Mini Pumpkins! Another Joint Post!


    Hopefully many of you still have a few of those little mini pumpkins still scattered about the house, left over from harvest and Halloween celebrations because Rebecca, one of the trio of sisters who write Roots and Wings Co, and I have some pretty cool ways to use them to light up your Thanksgiving table!

  • Advent Candles: and What I Learned While Playing With Plaid Gallery Glass


    In this post I am sharing my experiences and a few tips learned while I was getting acquainted with Gallery Glass.  

    It is sort of  a "technique follow-up" to this post in which I shared the meanings behind my Gallery Glass Advent Candles.

  • Stained Glass Candles to Celebrate Advent


    I am making Advent candles again!