July 2011

  • Futuregirl Inspires "Snow Alice" - Newest Member of My Soft Toy Snowman Family!


    I almost let Christmas in July go by without officially introducing you to Snow Alice! You have seen her peaking out from the background here and there these past months, but you haven't been officially introduced.

    Last July you got to meet the first member of my snow family. At that time, I believe I told you I was making several more to share in November!

  • Celebrate Christmas in July with Gingerbread Mango Shortcake


    There is nothing I know that says Christmas better than the heady fragrance of gingerbread baking.

    When I saw this recipe for Gingerbread Cake with Lemon Sauce in the current issue of the Penzey's Spices catalogue, I decided it would be the perfect treat to celebrate Christmas in July!

  • Christmas in July Giveaway # 2


    I am so excited about this giveaway!

    The winner of the Christmas in July giveaway #2 will receive this beautiful Rosie and Bear embroidery pattern designed by Helen at Bustle and Sew.

    I ordered one for myself and at the same time I ordered one for one lucky reader who wants to embroider along with me!

    Helen describes her pattern: "A Christmas Gift shows Rosie meeting her new Bear in front of the biggest Christmas Tree ever!"

    The pattern includes two mirrored transfers, stitch and color guides, applique template for the borders. And included in all her Rosie and Bear patterns is a guide for stitching fur.

    So now I am asking a special favor of anyone who is entering! Since you read my blog and put up with me and Christmas in July, you are probably open to celebrating in one way or another during the whole year - or at least part of it!

    In addition to religious traditions, what part of Christmas most enriches your celebration and touches your heart.

    The giveaway is open to everyone, internationals are welcome; and will close at 6:00 Pacific time July 31st.

    Good luck everyone!

    Oh! And if I haven't posted a winner by Monday evening will someone please remind me!  Sigh.

  • "All The Seasons of The Year" Giveaway Winner!


    The giveaway! I was so focused on all things Dala that I completely forgot to pick a winner and post!

    I am so sorry. Supposed to do this on Sunday!

    You all touched my heart and made me so happy, sharing your stories! I had no idea so many families already practice this tradition of a "reading Advent calendar". This was great news! There just is no replacement for the warm, intimate sharing that reading together brings, not to mention that reading a story to a child (or adult for that matter) is a great way to build imagination muscles! Thank you to all who took the time to share their stories. And thank you to all who have shared that they love the idea and will start a reading Advent tradition in their own families.

    So! The winner!

    Random Number Generator selected number 16!

    Theresa N you are the winner!

    I will e-mail you soon!

    Happy Christmas in July everyone! And again, thank you for participating and sharing your beautiful stories.

    Come back soon!  I have another Christmas in July Giveaway coming your way!

  • Making Dala - A Journey


    Making Dala has been a journey - a journey filled with learning new skills, wrong turns, flashes of insight, mistakes and successes.

    Dala was a challenge and it is the overcoming of that challenge and what I learned along the way that I am sharing here. It is a long post. It really is. In fact - you might consider it a free e-book! But hopefully, anyone wanting to make stuffed toys be they Dala's or frogs, will find it and the resources within useful.

  • Celebrating Christmas in July with a Dala Craftalong!


    Happy Christmas in July!

    I have been so excited for this day to arrive as I am sharing the celebration with three friends who love Swedish Dala Horses as much as I do.

  • It's Almost Christmas in July!


    Almost here! Christmas in July!

    And you will definitely want to come back on July 25th for the best celebration ever!

    Lucia morning

    I also wanted to remind you that it is not too soon to start thinking about Christmas cookies!

  • A Little Christmas in July Tree Ornament


    Weaving both sides of a small cardboard loom = weaving two cool holiday tree ornaments at the same time.

    These trees measure about 4 1/2" and are not only great ornaments, but would be beautiful tied onto a package. Hang several in a window or create a garland. Make big ones and little ones and mix them up in a display. My crafty online family is a brilliant lot, so I know there are lots of cool ways these will be used.

  • Christmas In July Giveaway


    It is not too early to start gathering books to read to your children, grand children or your sweetie or even to yourself during Christmas Advent season. Here is a peak at part of my own collection.

    As you know I am a huge fan of setting time aside every evening, beginning December first, to read stories and poems that are only read at this time of year. They can be Christmas stories, fairy tales, or other favorite books that might have enchanted you in your childhood.

    The key - they are saved only for the most magical season of the year!

    You might remember that although reading special books during the holidays has been a tradition in my own family, the idea of creating an Advent reading library belongs to Bethany at The Paper Pony. When I first saw her little basket filled with books, I decided at once to spread the word!

    So, in the spirit of spreading the word and getting families started on the process of gathering special books for the winter holidays - here is a little Christmas in July Giveaway


    Remember this one? All the Seasons of the Year written by Deborah Lee Rose and illustrated by Kay Chorao. You can read my review right here if you like.

    Leave a comment telling me what you think of the idea of creating an Advent reading tradition to have a chance to win this beautiful book.

    I realize it is written for young children, but whether or not there are young children living in your home, most of us do have a young child in our lives - a friend, a grand child, a niece, a neighbor. Why not start an advent library for them?

    The giveaway is open to all including international readers and entries will be accepted until 6:00 pm Pacific Time July 23rd. The winner will be announced on Christmas in July Eve - July 24th!

    Good luck everyone!


  • Gingerbreadsnowflakes featured on Carina's Craftblog


    Take a little break from what you are doing!

    Check out Carina's Craftblog! She just posted an interview with me! gingerbreadsnowflakes!

    I was so honored to be asked if I would agree to be interviewed. And then I found myself really enjoying the question/answer process because she asks questions that deserve introspection and require thoughtful consideration.