October 2011

  • Partridges and Snowflakes! How I Supported Crafty Bloggers in October


    Some of you might remember seeing my beautiful snowflake ornament from Colleen at Some Art Fabric. It was sent as a gift along with the beautiful dove I ordered from her collection of Recycled Holiday Ornaments made from pop - mostly Coke - cans.

  • Goodbye Fall! Welcome Winter Holidays!


    and another set!


    Just pulled these from a tree and took a quick shot before putting them in the "press" to dry. Definitely preserving these amazing beauties with Mod Podge.

  • Email Subscriptions Available Now!

    Warty Pumpkins Make Me Happy Hello, everyone- this is Diane popping in for a moment. I've just set Pam up with email subscriptions for this lovely blog, and this little post is a test of that new system. If you'd like to get Pam's blog posts sent to your email, just enter your email address in the handsome form in the sidebar there. Happy October!

  • More Good Stuff You Don't Want To Miss!


    I was just settling in to write this post and look what flew in my front door all the way from Australia! So, before I begin with the post I, just HAVE to share my new friend, Doreen!

    Other than a bit of jet lag, my beautiful Doreen arrived in perfect condition and ready to assume her role as a much loved member of my household!

  • Gorgeous Dala Horses to Keep Your Eyes Happy While I Am On a Break!


    A beautiful surprise from Sweden!

    My sweet friend Sasha sent me the most gorgeous Dala fabric in the whole wide world!

    It arrived about two weeks or so ago and I am still just in awe every time I look at it!

    The very minute Halloween is over, this beautiful fabric will be spread out on my dining table so I can enjoy it every single day.

    I still just can not believe Sasha went to all the trouble to send me this amazing gift. She has her hands full with four beautiful children and her blog Squashed Tomatoes where she shares all their most excellent adventures.

    Sasha's primary purpose in writing her blog is to create a journal, a scrapbook if you will, of family adventures so that her children can return to it as they get older and enjoy the fun they had all over again.

    As a result, her writing is from her heart and the adventures shared are real life adventures. I love her blog even though my children are all grown up!

    Anyway - back to the fabric!

    I am taking a little time off from Gingerbread Snowflakes. We are very busy with our October activities at the Pumpkin Patch and I have lots to do to get ready for November 1st when I officially begin the Winter Holiday Season.

    My THIRD Blogiversary is November 1. So be sure to check in as I have THREE prizes to give away to celebrate!

    I may or may not pop back in with a post between now and then - right now i don't know.

    But I am leaving you with these delicious images of my Dala Horse Fabric to keep your eyes happy til I get back!


    "Leksand" design: Carola Bengtsson-Malmstrom ARVIDSSONS TEXTIL, Sweden


    Don't you love the flowers too?


    I can't get enough of looking at this fabric!


    See you soon!


  • Bustle and Sew Christmas Issue Giveaway Winners!


    We have been at the Pumpkin Patch all weekend - sorry to be late with the winning numbers for the giveaway for the Christmas issue of Bustle and Sew Magazine.

    The winning numbers are

    #4 Kathryn

    #5 Silvia - Madame Renard

    #9 Andrea

    I will forward your e-mails to Helen at Bustle and Sew on Tuesday morning and she will be sending you your very own copy of the Bustle and Sew Magazine Christmas Issue shortly thereafter!

    Helen's e-mags are available right here and at only $4.50 each they are an amazing value.

    And be sure to read this recent post on her blog - all about a brand new e-book "Top Tips for Stitchers" FREE to everyone.

    And she has even more exciting news to share and if you are a subscriber to her magazine, you are going to be receiving a very special gift next month so be sure to check Bustle and Sew for all the details.  Subscribe by following the link on her sidebar.

    Thanks to all who entered. 

    OK now I am going to take a long, hot soak and then put my feet up and veg. 

  • Check Out This Very Cool Book "Knitted Christmas Stockings"!


    I hope you are not too tired of me mentioning the Christmas Stocking Giveaway that Robin at RSISLAND CRAFTS is hosting again this year.

    It's just that I am just so excited! I feel like Santa Claus every time I think of something more to hide in the stockings!

  • Toadstool Play Date With Diane!


    Play dates with Diane are the best!

    And this one was especially good for both of us because we got to learn to do something neither of us had done before!

    And when learning something new goes as easily as it did this day, and the resulting craft turns out so well on the first try - well THAT is the makings for a perfect crafty play date!

    Of course, before beginning, we had to have a lovely cup of Earl Grey Tea in very special tea cups!

  • Come Blog Reading With Me


    I actually have another post planned for today! BUT as I am catching up in my reader this morning, I have just had a brain storm!

    Since I am always, always behind, I have a lot to cover! And I do find some really good stuff - that is why I refuse to hit the delete button. Every blog in my google reader is there because I want to read it so why delete?

    OK so here is the brainstorm! I am going to simply link right here to posts I am glad I didn't miss!

  • Perfect "Little Holiday Gift" Solutions!

    Bracelets 056

    Photo provided by Annie at A Spinner Weaver

    This post was actually scheduled for a couple weeks ago - at the beginning of "90 Days til Christmas"! But my little band of angels had other plans and took over my life for a while!

    Nevertheless, I have been anxious to share useful and pretty things two of my clever friends are making and selling in their shops.

    And that would be - Key Fobs and Utility Bracelets!