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Saving Summer: How to Make Torta

In many Northern European cultures, preparations for the winter holidays often begin during the late summer and fall harvest season by laying aside or preparing traditional foods to be enjoyed at special holiday meals. This is the first in a series of posts sprinkled throughout the coming harvest season featuring a special recipe using fresh fruits or vegetables harvested and preserved to serve at holiday celebrations. My secret pesto torta recipe revealed! You are going to love this colorful, savory, yummy spread for crackers or baugette rounds. My friend Heidi and I make torta together every August.

Of Sailing Ships and True Love Found

Scott aboard ship heading out of port on deployment.

But not before marrying his one true love, Amber.

Won't you all join me in wishing them happiness ever after.

Oh What a Week it Was!

Attending my daughter Diane's first book signing at Powell's Bookstore for her just released book Kanzashi in Bloom!  You can't imagine how proud I am of her! 

Bragging Rights! And Book Review: "Kanzashi in Bloom" by Diane Gilleland

My very first Kanzashi!  Tiny ornaments for my "mini tree" (which you will see in December!) These are 1" in diameter!


My sweetie in the garden fixin' breakfast! Blueberries! Very, very healthy food! Easy to freeze! Fun to pick! Yummy to eat!

I have said this before, but it bears repeating - if you have a u-pick farm near you, take advantage of the opportunity to spend a morning out in the fresh air picking your own produce and saving LOTS of money. And I mean LOTS!

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