Thank you! The Beginning!


I couldn't resist using one of my favorite wedding photos from this past year to begin February.

At the moment this was taken, the handsome groom was thanking his beautiful bride for being a part of his life.

Appropriate why? Because I am devoting this entire month of February to saying thank you to as many people as possible who reside in my corner of the blogiverse and who have enriched my life by being a part of it.

Candle Wreath for Imbolc


Just finished putting together my candle wreath to celebrate the very old Celtic traditions of Brigid's Day or Imbolc - a celebration that takes place midway between the winter solstice and spring equinox to celebrate the advancing warmth and light of the sun as it warms and prepares the earth for spring sowing.

The holiday is often marked by lighting candles, building fires on freshly cleaned hearths, eating pancakes, and planting seeds or bulbs in little indoor pots.

Saying Thank You x 4


Wow! I am totally blown away with all the lovely comments I have received on the previous Dabbler post!

A huge, warm thank you to every one who stopped by and left me a word or two of encouragement!

In my concern that the post might be too personal, I nearly talked myself out of writing it several times. But I am very glad now that I went ahead with it because I am finding that I am in the very good company of many other dabblers!

And again - thank you.

I Am Dabbler

Paint Jar 2

Image by Kyle du Ford

I have decided to embrace my inner Dabbler! Being a Dabbler is OK.

Weaving Roving Rug

Image by mrdubyah

Getting a Head Start on Holiday Gifts with a Swedish Tomte


I know! I KNOW! Christmas is officially over!

But... it is not a minute too soon to start making gifts for next year. After all Christmas is only 342 days away, and believe me that is not as much time as you think for making holiday gifts!

My first 2011 holiday gift project - ornaments and small decorations starting with this whimsical little Tomke or Nisse.

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