Correcting a mistake! There still is a Pendleton Woolen Mill Store in Portland!

Last spring, I created a post to celebrate the 100th birthday of  Pendleton Woolen Mills . At the time I posted, I was under the mistaken impression that the Portland Pendleton Woolen Mill Store was no longer open.

A very nice reader left a comment letting me know the Woolen Mill Store is very much still open!  To rectify my mistake, Diane and I recently spent a whole morning finding treasures and recording the visit.

Green Chile Harvest - Roast and Freeze You Own

Green Chile picked by me!

ROAST GREEN CHILE now, at the peak of the harvest, for use all winter.  If you can't get them at your local markets or farms, you can order them from the world famous New Mexico green chile growers, Hatch Chile Express.


Here she is!  My beautiful mother, modeling a gorgeous, hand crafted late 1940's Fiesta Dress!    (As a grade school student,  I was convinced I had the most beautiful mother on the planet!)

Old Books become New Wall Storage Folders!

Here are some great ways to create wall storage folders out of old books bound for the dump!

This is a 90%  recycle/reuse project!  Other than rescuing the books from the Goodwill bins and buying a small package of buttons, everything else used to construct these wall storage folders came from project leftovers.

While I was at the bins, I saw lots of discarded children's books.  If I had school age children, I would be making these for their rooms to store school art projects, homework and other treasures using large format children's books in good condition. 

Weaving again without a loom!

Just finished making these using the weaving techniques I learned in Diane's brand new e-book "Weaving Un-Loomed"!

I, of course, was her very first customer and, being her proud mother, immediately read it cover to cover!

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