Celebrating "Cream Puff Day" and St. David's Day

Sopillas filled with Natillas

Tomorrow - February 27th is "Cream Puff Day" at my house!

Knitting! Happily Knitting!

Progress shot - GrainStitch Socks for Diane

Have found myself needing a little time and space lately. A quiet corner and lots of yarn-y projects - a lovely, spirit restoring retreat. But I thought I had better surface and even though I have almost nothing to say, my yarn-y projects are eager to have their moment in the spot light!!!!

As you can clearly see, I am making great headway on Diane's pink grain stitch socksÂ…

Tomte! Be My Valentine!

Tomte!  Be My Valentine!

I am soooooooooo in love with my new Alan Dart Tomte! Just finished him a couple days ago. AND I am totally in "crafty love" with BARC Wood Veneer Paper - which is what I used to make the sweet little prototype Valentine Danish Heart Basket he is holding.

Celebrating Winter Holidays - January Through Early Spring - What's In It For Me?

Knitted and Crocheted Christmas Balls

This post is for those of you (especially those who have "found" this blog recently) who are curious about what has compelled me to "adopt" and celebrate so many winter holidays! Especially holidays not celebrated by most citizens of my own country! In a word the answer is - WINTER!

Brigid's Cross Made From Raffia

Brigid's Cross Using Raffia

Brigid's Cross made from Raffia!

Simply follow the weaving instructions here and when weaving is completed, fold the ends back over themselves and tie. Simple, quick and pretty!

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