Halloween Tree!

Don't even consider making this God's Eye Halloween Tree unless you are a person who really loves a challenge!

Your hair will be standing on end, your body twisted into pretzel like knots, and your fingers permanently cramped into unrecognizable raptor-like claws!  Your mind may implode or at the very least you definitely will be "on your very last nerve"!

By the time you are into your forth God's Eye, you will have asked yourself a least one hundred times "why am I doing this?!%@#!

And then your husband will walk into the room and say "Wow! That is starting to look really cool!"

So, if you are truly committed and determined and brave here are a few things to consider!

Be sure to spend time practicing making God's Eyes the " old fashioned" way! The link will take you to a tutorial for making simple God's Eyes. Practice, practice, practice!  (Make your practice pieces in pretty colors and you can tie them onto Christmas gifts!)

While weaving your God's Eyes onto your tree, be prepared to "un-weave" and start over, and over, and over.....

Do not expect perfection! Knots and bark will create cool spaces in your work which resemble spider webs!

At first, only weave one or two God's Eye's a day onto your tree.

Every ten minutes, take a break and practice yoga to pull your spine back into alignment, relax and take deep breaths to replenish oxygen in your blood cells, and eat lots of chocolate to restore your mental health!

Expect this!  And expect your ball of yarn to slip out of your fingers and roll 20 feet away! Repeatedly!

And most importantly, ALWAYS remember - the tree is boss! You can not move the God's Eye as you weave it.  YOU must do all the moving.  You will get your yarn caught on branches A-LOT!

Safety goggles would be wise if you don't wear glasses.

If you are still determined to proceed...

1. Find a really cool tree branch!  I used three branches which I bound together with floral wire.  Twisted branches, moss and lichen will add "character"!  For reference - my tree is about 36" tall.

2. Support your Halloween tree in a tall vase or tie it securely in a couple places along the "trunk" to something sturdy.

3. Select a spot among the branches for your first God's Eye and begin weaving.

4. Because every species of tree grows differently, there is no way to give you a step by step!  This is more of a "feel as you go" project! However, here are a few tips that should apply most of the time.

Try to hold onto your yarn at all times to prevent your weaving from becoming loose.  This is the method I worked out for cutting the yarn so that I could maintain the tension on the yarn as I cut it.

To make a God's Eye, you need at least two sticks that cross each other in an X.  Trees do not grow that way!  You will need to create an X by tying on an extra twig where you want to weave your God's Eye.

Often you will find that all you need is one more branch to make four. In the example above, the middle and right twigs grew from the main branch at top.  I tied the left twig onto the main branch using several wraps of the yarn and a tight knot to hold it in place for weaving. I placed the end of the twig right on top of the main branch so there would be no extension on the other side of the main branch.

I could have added the twig in any one of many configurations.  I actually tried this one first, but didn't like it.  THIS IS A TRIAL AND ERROR CRAFT!   You just have to play with your twigs and branches until you like the placement and shape of the God's Eye.

I made several I didn't like the shape of and ended up "un-weaving" them.

At points on your tree where three twigs meet, it is possible, by adding another twig to actually create a God's Eye that has five or even six twigs to weave on.  Great for variety! In this case, the almost vertical twig is the one that was added.

Or, place your God's Eye so that during weaving you will be able to weave around a twig, allowing it to extend out of the God's eye. You could (if you are truly crazy) even weave a little tiny God's Eye on this twig!

Sometimes you can create a very three dimensional effect.  Nothing added here - just three twigs growing from one main branch.

There is nothing wrong with squares and rectangles, either! By the way, you can cut the added twig close to the weaving, or allow it to extend beyond it.

I tried to weave a couple God's Eyes at spots where the branches formed a "Y" thinking a three sided God's Eye would be fun.  I was unable to get it to look right.  If you figure it out, please let me know!

NOT that I am thinking of doing this AGAIN!  EVER!



Holey moley!

Holey moley! Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoa...this is so cool and

Whoa...this is so cool and super unique. I've never seen anything like it! Thanks so much for sharing this, I definitely did a double take. I'll be linking.

Wow Pam... you make this

Wow Pam... you make this sound so EASY and FUN! I want fingers permanently cramped into unrecognizable raptor-like claws!! Don't you?

I gotta go back and read this again. This was just too cute!


P.S. My mom still has some of the god's eyes I made when I was a kid and hangs them on the tree every year. What memories!

Pam!! I laughed my HEAD

Pam!! I laughed my HEAD clear OFF reading this! I had to find it and put it back ON!

This tree is awesome! You know I've been planning a Halloween tree, and LOOK. Of course, you also told me you were going to do this, but when I got here and saw that fabulous tree I wasn't prepared, and my eyes fell out and rolled around on the floor! I had to collect myself!

I'm going to have to get cracking on that tree. However...

...I'm thinking maybe I should just draw one.

WOW!!! That is beautiful!

WOW!!! That is beautiful!

Whoa, Pam!! This tree is

Whoa, Pam!! This tree is awesome!!! You absolutely rock with those God's Eyes decorations :)

You know, you could write a book about all these different ways of making the weavings and the different places to use them: hanging in windows, used as package ties, party favours, or decoations on napkin holders, decorated trees for Christmas, Easter or Halloween, hang them in trees outside to entertain the birds or larger ones on the deck to entertain guests at a backyard picnic. Decortions on wine bottles or identifier tags for everyone's wine glass.

The different 'Yarns' you could use: woolly yarns, embroidery floss, string, rafia and plastic strips made into yarns would be more dubable for outdoors. Add ons like beads, feathers, loops, leather, bolos, buckles, shells, beach glass, metal charms, plastic or metal buttons, nuts and bolts, wshers and left over screws, painted bottle caps... the list could go on.

You're onto something with all these wonderful God's Eyes you've been making. Good recycling projects to use up odd bits of yarn, string or fabric, beads, buttons, leather strips etc. Way to go!!!!

Thank you Bonny, for sharing

Thank you Bonny, for sharing all these excellent ideas with everyone!  So many new and clever ideas for using amd making God's Eyes! 

You are right that making God's Eyes is a great way to recycle and re-use materials.  I love that they require very little yarn so they are perfect for using up that stash of yarn left over from scarves, hats, gloves... which is exactly what I did with this tree!