Cuddle-able Scarecrows!

Your kids will love helping you make these mini scarecrows!
  Don't be surprised once you pop the head on if they want to give it a big hug and carry it around like a doll!

Watching kid's affectionate reactions to their scarecrows was the highlight of the "Make a Scarecrow" class we taught last fall at the Pumpkin Patch.  Once we placed the head on the "neck", every single child would squeal with delight, throw their arms around their scarecrow and give it a huge hug! Some carried it around the farm the rest of the day!

Using 3 mo. to 3T  children's clothes (found at Goodwill or in the back of the closet), makes the scarecrows just the right size for kids to love! 

You can use a squash or a small pumpkin for the heads, but after watching those fresh "gourds" rot after just a few days, I decided to try using dried gourds.  Personally,  I love all the wild options for head shapes dried gourds offer, and they will not only last the entire season, but also make that scarecrow much easier for your kids to lug around!

By the way, we will be out at the Pumpkin Patch taking pictures the next three weekends - unless it's raining of course!  If you are local, come visit!


All you need to get started is:

-A shirt and pants - 1 year to 3T work great.  ( If you have a little hat, gloves or shoes - you can add those too!)

-Stuffing material which can be hay, dried grasses collected in a field, or even newspaper.  If your supply of hay is limited, stuff with newspaper and "embellish" with hay or dried grass!

-Two sticks 12" to 24" long.  (Any old sticks will do, but I had these slats left from the class so I used them.) For arms use sticks 12" to 18".  For the body, use sticks 18" to 20" for sitting and  24" for standing

Twine,  scissors, marking pens, paring knife and a mini saw from a pumpkin carving kit

Dried gourd or fresh pumpkin
- 6" to 8" diameter

1. Tie a piece of twine about 30" long onto the stick that will be the vertical support.  Use a  surgeons knot and tie it about 4" down from the top.

Thanks to Martha Stewart  for coming up with this brilliant method for putting a shirt on a scarecrow!

2. Place the vertical stick through the garment you are using as the shirt.

Place the horizontal stick through the arm holes.  (Most likely, you will not be able to get the sticks through the arm holes if you tie the sticks together at the beginning.)

Tie the two sticks together right where you tied the first knot. 

3. Stuff the upper arms and chest part of the shirt

4. Stuff the pants and then slide the long vertical stick into one leg.

5.  Pull the pants up over the shirt tails and tie twine tightly around the waist to hold the pants in place.

6.  Optional.  If your scarecrow will be sitting in one spot undisturbed by loving arms, don't bother with this step.  However, if you suspect lots of love to be heaped on it, I would suggest you punch a tiny holes near the pockets or waistband and thread a piece of twine through one hole, around the "neck" and back through the other hole.  Pull snugly and tie with knots.  The suspenders will keep the pants in place!

For double insurance, do the same thing at the back of the pants.

7.  Stuff hay into the ends of the arms and legs and tie tightly with twine to hold in place!

8.  Let your child, (or the child in YOU) draw a face on a dried gourd or pumpkin using the black sharpie. 

9.  Cut a small hole in the bottom of your gourd, just big enough for your stick .  It is best if the head fits snugly on the stick.  (You could even glue it if you wish. ) Use the tip of a paring knife to start the cut, then finish with the pumpkin carving saw.

Shake out as much of the seeds and dried pulp as possible from inside the gourd. There may be a chunck of dried pulp left inside, but it should not be a problem.

10. Pop the head onto the stick!  I used a sugar pumopkin and a butternut squash for the "squash head" versions! 

What?  You don't recognize the guy with Missy Pukin head?  Why, that's Johnny Depp playing the roll of Oogie Boogie!



Goodness, how did I miss this

Goodness, how did I miss this adorable project! You just never cease to amaze me.

Those are adorable! I love

Those are adorable! I love the gourd heads, how creative. It's so funny how kids react to things, often in the same way. I had a really tiny horse and when kids would see it, they would ALWAYS ask where his mom was. Every single time. Cracked me up. I won't be able to pass a scarecrow without at least THINKING about hugging it now. =) Thanks so much for the fin idea, I'll be linking in today's Daily DIY.

This is darling. And I never

This is darling. And I never knew about the wood inside! Think of all the cool clothes you can dress them in...

Cute, cute, cute! Makes me

Cute, cute, cute! Makes me wish I'd hadn't given away all those little blue jeans and jeans jackets my boys used to wear.