Using Colorful Leaves and Mod Podge to Make a Fall Wreath

I love wheat!  I love oats! and I LOVE fall leaves!  Using all three, I just finished this fall wreath for my front door.  I don't pretend to be a wreath artist!  But I am happy with the way this turned out.

What I really love about it is that since I sealed all the dried leaves in Outdoor Mod Podge, they will not wither away in a week or so - which is exactly what would happen if I used "fresh" fall leaves.  I just am not willing to put a lot of work into projects that have very short life spans!!

The wreath is very simple to make - here's how.

Trays of dried, pressed leaves - some just freshly covered in Outdoor Mod Podge, some nearly dry. I used about 4 dozen leaves for this project.

1. Apply two generous coats of Outdoor Mod Podge to each side and the stems of your dried, pressed leaves.  Let dry completely between coats.  If you will be hanging your wreath outside, a final coat of acrylic spray is a good idea!

I am reccommending Outdoor Mod Podge for this project to give it protection against humidity.  Even under cover of a porch, humidity can seep in and damage your leaves.

If you have trouble finding Outdoor Mod Podge, you can order it on-line here and here.  Thank you Amy, (Mod Podge Rocks) for providing these on-line links.

Useful hints:

Don't skimp on the Mod Podge.  I learned the hard way that too thin a coat results in crumbly, dried out leaves! 

Line your drying trays with wax paper.  When your leaves are dry, pull them gently to release them from the paper. 

Besause so many leaves are needed, I found that holding the leaves in my open hand while brushing on Mod Podge worked best.  I keep a damp towel near to wipe my hand between leaves. Refer to this post to see how. 

Sparkly hint:  Sprinkle diamond dust or crystal glitter on the top of the leaves just after you apply the second coat of Mod Podge to the top surface (or just along the edges).  When dry, the leaves will look like they are covered with frost crystals! Quite pretty.

2.  I used a straw wreath for my base.  Once I removed the plastic wrapping, I twisted the wrap into a "rope", tied the ends together to form a circle, and then looped the "rope" around the wreath and through itself to create a hanger.

3. Attach groups of wheat stalks first with hot glue.

4. Then wrap each group once or twice with 6 lb. monofilament fishing line.  (It is invisible!)

5.  Continue gluing and tying groups of wheat stalks adding wheat to both the inside and outside as shown. The front surface is left open for the leaves and oats!

6.  Add the oat stalks in the same way.

7.  Pull three leaves together into a bundle with waxed dental floss. No knot required!

8.  Attach each group of leaves with a bit of hot glue right near the base of the leaves.  Sometimes I use a tiny bit of glue to hold a leaf in place where I want it.

Add your own embellishments!  A small scarecrow, or tiny gourds, a stuffed owl, even a little ghost or a bat! 

The best part is that sealing the leaves with Outdoor Mod Podge and acrylic spray allows you to keep your wreath for next year. Your leaves will not dry out or absorb too much moisture.  Thanks to Outdoor Mod Podge, all your time and effort won't be spent on a project that will dry up and crumble away in a couple weeks.

Fall leaves make beautiful candles when applied to mason jars; and very pretty ornaments or garlands when covered with glitter.

And you can use Mod Podge to attach fall leaves to the surface of gourds. Create a whole collection of them to add to fall themed tablescapes!  


I love your wreaths and

I love your wreaths and really want to try one my self do you think Hobby Lobby would have the outdoor mod podge!

Lydia, my apologies for being

Lydia, my apologies for being so long in my reply.  I don't shop at Hobby Lobby so I don't know, but Michael's does carry it most of the time.  And it can be ordered direct from Mod Podge,  Just go to their site and you can order there.  It is a bit of extra effort, but really important to use it for outdoor projects.

Hi Pam... I absolutely love

Hi Pam... I absolutely love your wreath !! I would like to make it for my girl friend who will be celebrating a birthday in a couple of weeks. I will not have enough time to press leaves, let alone were I live there are not that many leaves falling yet. Can I use silk leaves from the Dollar store?? I would mud podge them.

Thanks, Debbie

Debbie, Of course you can use

Debbie, Of course you can use silk leaves in place of the natural leaves preserved in Mod Podge.  And there is no reason, if you do use silk leaves, to apply Mod Podge at all.  

Hey Pam I love your wreath,

Hey Pam
I love your wreath, I'm making one with nylon sunflowers for the fall and I want to collect some fall leaves to go in between or all the way around. Are you suggesting that we press the leaves for a couple of weeks in between newspaper before we apply the outdoor mod podge? Just asking was a little unsure.

Yes Patricia!  Absolutely dry

Yes Patricia!  Absolutely dry and press the leaves before applying Mod Podge.  Two weeks is a safe amount of time althiugh i did just use leaves for a little project that I pressed for only a week and so far they are fine.  Pressing overnight or a couple days won't work!!!

I understand there is a new Mod Podge formula on the horizon that can even take a bath in a washing machine without ill effect.  I will be interested in testing it for a project such as this one.


Love this wreath!

Love this wreath!

This is beautiful! I want to

This is beautiful! I want to try and make one like this, but where would I buy oat and wheat stalks? Are they artificial or real as well? Thank you.

So pretty! I have a straw

So pretty! I have a straw wreath that's crying out for a makeover... now I know just what to do. Thanks Pam!

okay, you are my idol. that

okay, you are my idol.
that is all.

This is a stunning wreath!

This is a stunning wreath! and it looks soo easy too!

Thanks for the tut Pam!

Thanks Pam, for the mention -

Thanks Pam, for the mention - and of course these leaves are gorgeous! Love them.

Oh Pam, you've been so busy

Oh Pam, you've been so busy as usual creating seasonal wonder! Your wreath looks expert to me. Those leaves are gorgeous. And I love your scarecrows and Halloween God's eyes too!!!

Loved the tutorial awesome.

Loved the tutorial awesome. You come up with some of the best ideas!

Pam - this is so pretty! I

Pam - this is so pretty! I wish that I had time to make this, but I don't think that it's in the cards for this fall. Maybe next year! P.S. I haven't forgotten about your e-mail. I will definitely type up the couscous recipe for you. It's delicious! xoxo

it is very very beautiful, so

it is very very beautiful, so autum like.

Whoa...that's gorgeous! Those

Whoa...that's gorgeous! Those Mod Podged leafs are so pretty. What a fun idea, I'll be linking to this. I might have to do this for Thanksgiving...