"Sending an Owl..."

... to say " HAPPY HALLOWEEN!"


P.S.  November 1st. is my one year blogging anniversary!  To celebrate, there will be a give-away.

Gorgeous picture!

Gorgeous picture!

How smart of him to pick a

How smart of him to pick a tree with leaves to match his beak! ;)

Gorgeous picture of a gorgeous creature. You are so lucky!

And has it been a year already!? Time flies when you're enjoying a blog! XOXO

Pam, just found your blog and

Pam, just found your blog and I really like your ideas. Will check in often and see what you're creating - have lots of leaves in my yard and the wreath and glass hurricanes will be on my "to do list", thanks!

I love owls! Happy

I love owls! Happy anniversary!

What a cool shot! I'm

What a cool shot! I'm hopeless at bird shots. This owl is so beautiful. And happy blog anniversary! I remember when you started your blog. Sister Diane posted the link and I started following it.

Love the owl! We've had great

Love the owl! We've had great grays and little bards in our back yard this year. But always at night.

Most of our owls visit at

Most of our owls visit at night as well.  This Barred Owl, a close cousin to the more famous Spotted Owl visited and hunted in the afternoon.  We were surprised but very happy to have him do so!

FYI  the Spotted Owl looks almost identical except the chest markings are horizontal instead of vertical.

"Twit Tawoo. Twit Tawoo!"

"Twit Tawoo. Twit Tawoo!" This used to be our chant in Brownies whenever Brown Owl, our troop leader made announcements and such. If said with feeling, it does kind of sound like an owl calling in the deep, dark forest ;0

For som reason owls are considered to be bad luck in Italy. I have never yet been able to find out why, exactly. Personally, I quite like owls. I guess many people in the countryside consider it an omen of death. Whenever you hear it, someone is supposed to die. As far as I can make sense of this, the only creature whose death might be foretold is the little mouse who doesn't scurry for cover quickly enough!

Gorgeous pic! Does he live in your back yard??

Yes!  He was living in our

Yes!  He was living in our little forest for a while - far too short a while!  I condidered his visit a beautiful gift. 

Funny you mentioned the mouse.  Right after I took this shot, he spread his wings and, without a sound, glided down right below where I was standing on my balcony and captured a little wood mouse and then flew back to his spot on the branch.  I couldn't bear to watch him eat but I got quite a thrill out of watching him fly.

What a beautiful creature!

What a beautiful creature! The owl was my school's mascot so I've always had a thing for them. Nice shot!