Crafty Christmas Guide to the First Year's Tutorials!

I decided...

 since we are now officially headed at "breakneck speed" toward the holiday season and since many, many of you have written me to tell me you found this little blog only recently...

 to create this "pre-season" post to give you instant access to all my Christmas and gift related tutorials from the past year!


Merry Marshmellow Men


Scandinavian Woven Paper Baskets


Japanese Inspired Temari Ornaments (by Diane)


Espejitos - (little Mirrors)


Punched "Tin" Light Shields


Mini Pinatas


Beaded God's Eyes


House Blessings ( also make beautiful ornaments!)


Punched Tin creatures


Advent Candle Wreath


Next tutorial coming up in two days - a 4 foot tall Advent Calendar! 



I loved the Scandinavian

I loved the Scandinavian Baskets, and the Japanese ornaments. Thanks for your ideas!!!

What fun and festive ideas.

What fun and festive ideas. The mini pinatas are my favorite here. What a fun idea for a smaller get-together or party. And the Merry Marshmallow Men stole my heart....

Thanks for reminding me of

Thanks for reminding me of all those terrific tutorials. I have started planning the Christmas craft day at school so yes it does seem to be approaching at incredible speed!
Take care.

You sparked the creative

You sparked the creative process for the holidays with this post. Love your past ideas for holiday crafts - can't wait to see more.

And each one is sooooooooo

And each one is sooooooooo beautiful. I actually made the woven heart one and am still looking for wheat. I need to check Michaels, they have so much stuff.