Antonio's Gift - How to Make Pressed Fall Leaves Into Sparkly Ornaments

Antonio gave me these beautiful leaves the day I went to his house to teach him to make fall leaf candles.  And since they make perfect Christmas tree ornaments, I just had to share!

I love how children can teach you things you would have never thought of making or doing. We started the afternoon together making fall leaf candles.  I had also brought along red, blue and silver glitter so Antonio and his sister, Sophia, could decorate pine cones.

I became very focused on Sophia's leaf candle as I helped her apply a second coat of Mod Podge and turned my attention from Antonio for a few minutes as I helped her.

When I looked up my eyes were greeted with this giant pile of glitter!  A pile 1 1/2" deep made up of all three glitter colors - mixed up together!  And, for a moment or two, I was speechless. I don't know whether it was the size of the pile or the fact that my glitter colors were all mixed up! But I was speechless!

As I sat there, no doubt with my speechless mouth open, Antonio proudly pulled a beautiful little leaf out from under the glitter mountain and presented it to me as a gift.

This is the young man we have to thank for this great idea for a shimmery leaf ornament!  The photo was taken a couple nights later just after he had completed his neighborhood rounds on Halloween night and was taking his first bite out of his candy haul!


All you need to make sparkly leaves:
     -  glitter
     -  dried leaves
     -  regular Mod Podge
     -  brush
     -  old cookie sheet or sheet of card board
     - wax paper

Note: I used pressed leaves I had been drying and pressing for about two weeks.

1. Place a little wax paper over the cookie sheet or cardboard surface.

2. Place a leaf on the wax paper and brush Mod Podge over the surface.

3. Sprinkle liberally with glitter and let dry for about 20 minutes.

4. Gently remove the leaf from the glitter and wax paper and let dry about an hour on a clean piece of wax paper.

5. Place the leaf on wax paper with the glitter surface down.  Brush on  Mod Podge and sprinkle with glitter.

6. After the leaf has dried about 20 minutes, remove from the glitter and set aside to dry for several hours.

7.  Once completely dry, I poked a tiny hole near the top with a needle and used pearl cotton to create a little hanging loop.  A touch of glue or Mod Podge sealed the hole and should prevent the yarn from tearing through the leaf.

Here is a leaf I made using "Antonio's custom made glitter blend!  I just love it and his leaves are beautiful hanging on my "Bird Tree" this year!

such a great fun idea, love

such a great fun idea, love it, thank you Pam for the sharing and the tute you've made. i will pick up some fallen leaves this fall;-D

That is such a great idea,

That is such a great idea, super creative Antonio! I love a tree with lots of sparkle. I'll be linking.

Oh, this is stunning. I have

Oh, this is stunning. I have been admiring leaves every day as I take my walk, and now I need an even bigger bag to carry them home with!

So funny! Love your reaction,

So funny! Love your reaction, and the leaf came out great!
One question: What is mod podge? Is it something like Elmers glue? We don't have mod podge here.

Mod Podge is the most magical

Mod Podge is the most magical substance in the crafty world! 

It looks and smells a lot like Elmer's Glue and for making gauze ghosts I have used them interchangeably,  but I don't know about substituting Elmers for Mod Podge for decopage.  I have had this same question adked by crafters who are stationed in Germany.

I will talk to Amy at Mod Podge Rocks to try to get an answer.  In the meantime, you can order Mod Podge here or here.

Thanks for asking!

He. Mixed. Up. Glitter.

He. Mixed. Up. Glitter. *wheeze* *Gasp* Mixed. it. up. *wheeeze*.

Brought to you by the mother who keeps all the playdough colours pristine. or tries to. *wheeeze*

What a fun idea. My sisters

What a fun idea. My sisters and I exchange ornaments every year and this would be a fun and easy one to add to our collections. Thank you and the young man for the new ornament.

Hahahaha! I love your

Hahahaha! I love your reaction!

Children are so keen on adults' responses to their actions, and yours revealed the patience of a great teacher who is willing to allow her students to teach you something new (and unexpected!). It is sure to encourage Antonio and Sophia to follow their imagination and become the creative creatures they are meant to be.

This is so sweet! I think I

This is so sweet! I think I would have done the same thing. Just sat there with my mouth hanging open. It's ok of course cause he came up with a really great idea!


These are so neat yet so

These are so neat yet so simple to make. This would make a great project for various ages. If you don't have any pressed, dried leaves on hand, I bet fake leaves would work, too. They come in a wide variety of leaf styles, plus you usually can get a whole bunch of them relatively cheaply, especially if they're on sale.

You just never cease to amaze

You just never cease to amaze me with your creativity! These are awesome!!!

These are awesome! Antonio

These are awesome! Antonio rocks! :D

Laughing at your reaction to

Laughing at your reaction to the mixed-up glitter (glad you were speechless, though!) and I love Antonio's glitter leaf ornament and glitter blend. What a beautiful addition to your holiday decorating you've received and shared with us all.