I love the ornaments in this brand new e-book "Crafty Tree Trimmings"!

This beautiful collection of holiday trimmings,  a collaborative effort between six super-star crafters, offers six easy and festive projects that can be used as ornaments, garlands, gift tags, and stocking stuffers.

Since almost everything you need is probably already in your house and the book includes full size templates,  you can start your holiday crafting the minute the book is downloaded!

And a part of every single purchase goes to support Project Linus! If you don't have time to make a blanket to comfort a seriously ill or tramatized child in need, buying a copy of "Crafty Tree Trimmings" is a really great way to lend a hand to this worthwhile effort!

I am inspired!  And I am going to show you why!

Brilliant concept!  I can't give away any secrets, of course.  But I will tell you that Susan Beal has figured out a very clever, very easy process for making these colorful, sparkly baubles.  I can just see them hanging in windows catching the light and sending it bouncing around the room!

So many of you collect vintage buttons and beads.  Using them to create a "bead and button sparkle ornament" would be a perfect way to use part of that stash.  And if part of that stash was handed down through your family, what a beautiful way to create a family heirloom.

Family heirlooms were on Kayte Terry's mind when she created these cheerful scrap fabric ornaments designed from her childhood memories of vintage glass treasures hanging on her grandmother's holiday tree.

Kayte's template and easy to follow instructions let you dive into your fabric stash and create charming ornament gifts - for almost no cost. You could also use them as gift tags that will have a second life as an ornament! A perfect green, re-use project!

I have had several people mention to me that the fabrics shown in one of my recent posts reminded them of fabrics their mothers used for making Christmas crafts years ago.  If you have favorite "vintage" fabrics tucked away, why not use them to create "vintage treasure ornaments".

It's no secret that I love gingerbread houses!

Until I saw how Betz White put her "felted gingerbread house ornament" together - I would  never have considered attempting a three dimensional felt house!  But after looking at her template and seeing how cleverly she put it all together, I am so going to make one - or two or three!

It really just takes minutes to put one of these together
! And once you get the technique down, you can decorate the house anyway you like!  I am putting little, felt cookies on the roof of my house - I always put cookies on the roof of my gingerbread houses!

I love that Patricia Zapata's "paper globe ornaments" are so versatile they can be used to compliment many different holiday themes - Hanukkah (blue and white), Scandinavian (red and white), and traditional Christmas (red and green). Make a bunch in silver and gold and hang them over the table for New Years!  Or take inspiration from the brilliant colors found in Mexican weavings and make a whole cluster in different sizes and colors - hot pink and lime green, marine blue and pepper red, parrot yellow and bright green. Beautiful!

Patricia's instructions and template put these within reach of every one of us!  Even someone like me who has had almost no experience with paper craft.  These only look complicated. The instructions are perfectly clear and show just how easy they truly are to construct.

There is no way any photo can capture just how really beautiful Diane Gilleland's little "gossamer thread tree ornaments" look glowing on a holiday tree.  But the fact is, these adorable trees are just as pretty in daylight!

Hopefully I will find a few of these tucked inside one of my Christmas gifts this year! But, if somebody doesn't take that great big hint,  then it is a good thing these glowing trees are much easier to make than they might look at first! 

Again, I can't give away secrets but just let me say that this is one of those cool projects you let sit overnight to dry and in the morning it has transformed itself!  It's magic!  Christmas magic!

I'm thinking that a bunch of these could be made in every color of the rainbow. Leave the top open, mount them over LED twinkle lights, and hang as a window or stairwell garland.

And they would be so pretty tied onto packages two or three at a time.

A perfect retro ornament for any vintage themed tree!  Or any other tree for that matter!  "Crocheted flower ornaments" remind me of the ubiquitous white snowflakes our great and great, great grandmothers used to crochet - except for one important difference - the gorgeous crochet thread colors Linda Perleman selected.  Well two differences actually - these are easy!

Linda designed this project so that even beginners can make them. She wrote the instructions out instead of using abbreviations.

I can't speak from experience since I have never had a desire to pick up a crochet hook, but her "flowers" really look like they would be lots of fun to make. If I am ever tempted to explore crochet - THIS will definitely be my first project!

The thought occurred to me that, crocheted in blue and white thread, these would make lovely Hanukkah decorations. And while you are at it, why not make up a few of Susan's bead and button baubles in blue and white and hang them all together in a festive blue and white mobile!

Beads, buttons, scrap fabrics, felt. ricrac, paper, crochet thread, cotton sewing thread, glue, scissors - no doubt you already have everything you need to begin most of these projects. 

All you need now is the e-book!  You can order that here.

Happy holiday crafting everyone!


Hi Pam, LOVE the tree

Hi Pam, LOVE the tree ornaments and knowing that some of the proceeds go to help children! However, when I went to order,it will only take pay pal how can I order using a visa? Let me know so that my copy can be on its way so that we can create these beautiful ornaments.

 Hi, Heidi - Diane popping in

 Hi, Heidi - Diane popping in there. You can use credit cards through PayPal, although you will need to set up a PayPal account. So glad you like the ebook!

My copy is on its way! I

My copy is on its way! I don't crochet, but that button ornament is going to tickle my fancy, I'll tell you. Oh, and my tree, too!