Blog Birthday Giveaway Winner Announced!

Congratulations, Dawt!  Your packet of fabrics and the star kits will be in the mail soon!

I know they are going to someone who will especially enjoy them because  Dawt recently wrote these words about my daughter:

'Sister Diane, one of THE most crafty guru-mentors-most-awesome-human-beings I have had the pleasure of knowing'

Music to a mother's ears!

I enjoy reading Dawt's blog The Little House Out Back and the comments she leaves for me here on mine are always heartwarming. But this one, left during my "Christmas in July" giveaway is one of my favorite sentiments - I have stored it away in my personal book of quotes and inspiration.

Given that the winter holiday season is almost upon us, I thought I would share her lovely words with you in case you missed seeing them in the post.

"I love the general atmosphere the winter holidays bring. People smile more (or is that I take more notice?) and seem to have a more tender heart toward others (or am I missing it the rest of the year?)"

A big holiday hug to each and every one of you for joining in the celebration of my first blog birthday!

You have overwhelmed me with your kind words, appreciation, and encouragement.  And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.




EVERYONE: Not only did I receive the goodies from the give-away, but it was wrapped quite lovely with the most awesome butterfly attached to the prettiest bow I ever did see!

If you ever get a chance to enter one of Pam's give-aways, go for it, because she definitely knows how to spoil her fans!

Thanks again, Pam, you made my month!

Oh, she's a lucky lucky

Oh, she's a lucky lucky girl!

I'm off to read her blog, now.

*blushing now* Thank you,

*blushing now* Thank you, Pam, you are much too kind!

The prizes you offer are not what lures me here (although they DO excite me!), it's the fact that I know I'll get a shot of some much-needed inspiration. The sparkly leaves may be a simple idea, but the story behind it and how you presented it is a perfect example of what keeps me coming back.

Thanks again for everything, I'm looking forward to my craft stash!