Making Wheat Stars and Festive Photo Frames!

This started out to be a tutorial to show you how to make wheat stars. And then I got this idea that they could be used as wheat star frames for photos of your kids, pets or favorite relatives!  And then I got to playing around with fabrics and... well I am getting ahead of my self!

Let's start with making the wheat star!

Yarn, waxed dental floss, and wheat straws! And scissors!

If you are going to make the photo frame you will need a glue stick and a bit of felt.

Wheat can be purchased here.  And sometimes it is available at florist shops or craft stores.  However, you could substitute bamboo skewers, 1/8" to 3/8"  dowels, or even twigs if they are straight. Drinking straws might work - if they are sturdy.

I am using wheat to make mine and will use the term "straw" throughout the instructions to keep things simple.


1.  Select 5  straws and cut them to exactly the same length.  You can actually make them as large or small as you like, but for photos, 6" straws seems to work great.

Soak the straws in hot water for about two hours.  Do not skip this step.  Soaking the straw makes it pliable so it won't split as you work with it. 

2. Lay two straws on your work surface as shown and tie the two ends closest to you together with dental floss using a surgeons knot.

  Although other string may be used, I use dental floss because the wax holds the knots in place.  A small tutorial for tying a surgeons know is at the end of this post if you need to refer to it.

3.Continue tying the ends together until all 5 straws are tied together as shown.

4. Holding the right straw in your right hand,

move the straw toward the untied end of the left straw.

5. Holding the untied straw ends in your left hand,  place the bottom right joint in your right hand as shown.

6.  Move the joint in your right hand over the bottom left joint and up toward the joint you are holding in your left hand.

7. A star is born!  Now gently push and pull your star until you have "tweaked" it into as perfect a little star as possible!   (Or make a wonky, whimsical star for fun!)

8.  Secure the untied joint with dental floss.

9. Begin tying a surgeons knots at one joint forming the star center.  Tweak the star gently before pulling your knot tight .  This first knot will hold the shape of the star.

Tie the remaining center joints.

10.  Using perle cotton yarn, wrap yarn around each intersection two or three times and secure on the back side with surgeons knot.

11. Cut all yarn ends close to the knot.  I have never needed to, but you might want to secure the knot with a dab of glue.

  I left a little extra yarn at the knots for clarity.  Cut your a little closer than shown.

Front view!

12. If desired, you can clip the points closer to the knots, but be sure to leave at least 3/8" extending beyond the knots.

Slip an ornament hanger through the yarn.

Hang it on your tree!


1. Trace the center of the star on a piece of scrap paper, mark the top, and cut it out.

2.  Select a photo of your favorite subject. Make sure your image will fit  the Star center.

3. Hold the template on the BACK side of your photo and view the photo through a strong light.  Presto!  Your template shows right through the photo so you can move it into position.   Trust me - despite appearances to the contrary - the template really is on the back of the print!

4. Holding your template securely in place, return the print to the work surface and trace the outline of the template onto the back of the print.  Use a Sharpie pen.

5.  Cut out your picture, trim as necessary, and secure to the back of the star with  glue stick. 

Note:  You will only be able to glue the image to two straws.


1. Trace the outline of your star on scrap paper.  Be sure to mark the top on the pattern.  (Scribble is a mistake!)

2.  Cut your paper star and lay the straw star on top of it.

3. Trim the paper star to fit the straw star.

4. Pin your pattern to the fabric and cut .

  Felt works really well for this project.  However, I used  a piece of my Pendleton stash.  Cotton fabrics in festive prints could also be used.  If you do use a cotton fabric, be sure to seal the ends with Fray Check to prevent fraying.

Once the fabric star is cut, lay it on the straw star and trim as necessary to hide the fabric edges.

Pinking shears create a pretty finish!

5. Glue your fabric star to the back of your straw star.  Because fabric is pliable, you can glue it to all straw surfaces.

Simple fabric backed stars are very pretty.! 

Make one with only the center filled with fabric!

Oh!  The photo! 

Once your photo is secured in place and the glue dry, glue a fabric star onto the back of the star as shown above!


1. Place the thread in your left hand over the thread in your right hand.

2. Wrap the left thread around the right thread,

3.  and wrap a second time.  You are wrapping the thread that began in your left hand around the thread that began in your right hand twice.

4. Now pull your thread tight . The double wrap will prevent the thread from slipping.

Place the thread that is now in your right hand over the thread that is in your left hand and wrap once as before.

Pull your knot tight.



I HEART the wheat stars! They

I HEART the wheat stars! They are simple and perfect for Christmas or the Winter holidays!

These are so cute! And I love

These are so cute! And I love the snowman! I hope I get to make one this year... the snowman and the ornament. =) I'll be linking.

It's like three *click* three

It's like three *click* three *click* three ornaments in one! (snicker) Really, though, it's neat when you can do a variety of things with one project. Adorable!