Do You Have Any Questions for Pam?

Hi, everyone - this is Diane, Pam's daughter, chiming in.

I'm getting ready to have Pam on my podcast, CraftyPod soon. I'll be interviewing her, and I wondered if you all had any questions you'd like me to ask her.

(Pam has been on my show before - in 2007, I interviewed her about gingerbread houses, and in 2008 we discussed holiday traditions from around the world.)

In this upcoming podcast, Pam will answer as many of your questions as we can fit in a 20-minute show. So, please post them here in the comments!


Oh, hope I'm not too late for

Oh, hope I'm not too late for this one.
Who is cooking Christmas dinner? Do you do the cooking on top of everything else Pam or do hubby and children take over?

Keep it up Pam, you're brilliant!

Oh, I remember. Dear

Oh, I remember.

Dear Pam;

When you are making something that is repetitious, or has a step that involves repetitive work that is almost meditative, do you do something at the same time? I mean, do you watch tv or listen to music or talk on the phone or do algebra in your head or do something no one else knows about, like talk really loudly in monosyllables (my favorite thing to do when I'm alone)?

Or, is silence best for your productivity?

Oh, darn. that's two questions.

Never mind.

Okay, if I'm not too late

Okay, if I'm not too late with my question, here it is. And as Diane knows, I tend to ask questions that are really multiple questions, and I pretend they're one question, but there's no way to answer as one answer because it's more than one question and then you have to figure out exactly what the ultimate question is when really, none of the sub-questions have anything to do with each other and only raise more questions.

I forgot the question.

Am I too late to do this?

Am I too late to do this? I've been on safari.

no, not the browser.

What excellent questions!  I

What excellent questions!  I am really looking forward to making the podcast with Diane this year!! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to give these questions so much thought and for responding to Diane's request for questions.

35 days until Christmas!

I'd like more detail on the

I'd like more detail on the fabulous Advent Calendar you made recently.
Any hints or tips?
I tend to start projects like that and abandon them because they are so time consuming.
How do you keep yourself motivated to finish?
How do you pace yourself on these big projects - or do you just dive in until it is done?

What are to pro and cons of

What are to pro and cons of working with such a talented daughter?

I only found your website

I only found your website this week and am yet to sit and have a good read through your archive. One thing that struck me was how organized you are - particularly in the baking department. Time at Christmas always seems to go at the speed of light for me and I have dreams of lots of different recipes, buy the ingredients and never get to them all - sometimes none of them!!! I like your tip about measuring up beforehand - I will definitely be using that, but I know I will not fit lots of baking in. So........
QUESTION:- Could you recommend some recipes that work well to make in one session in the kitchen (ie baking several different items in the same session) and in what order and if you were short of time which recipes you just HAVE to make over christmas please. Many thanks.

Where did all this creativity

Where did all this creativity come from? Did you grow up in a crafty home?

If you had to limit yourself

If you had to limit yourself to just one Holiday craft, what would it be?

Lots of us are feeling the pinch this year and I'd like to hear your thoughts on what craft you think would be the best to do with a limited budget.