December 1! Winter Holidays begin!

December begins!

Because some of you are curious about the images behind the windows and doors on my new Advent calendar, I have decided to share a few of them as they are opened!

And of course I have the first ornament  - the beaded star  -  on my Christmas tree count down calendar.

And just look what I found a couple days ago when I finally got around to placing all the family "Christmas photos" into an album!  A picture of the  calendar I made my little sister the year after I made Diane's first version of her calendar -  Christmas of 1971!!!

Diane hadn't trained me to take pictures of everything yet, so I never photographed the calendar I made her when she was little.  But  here is Barbara's calendar - almost an exact duplicate.

And here is Diane's calendar 12 years later after she and I made a whole new set of ornaments.

December is here and the celebration of the Winter Holidays has begun!!!

As those of you who know me already know - and those of you who have just met me are about to find out - we have many celebrations ahead.  And this year two lovely, generous friends will be helping me to celebrate!

I am so excited that Margit and Angie are joining the festivities and in so doing giving you a closer look at how the winter holidays are celebrated in their own countries!  And today is a great day for an introduction!

Margit  lives on a tiny, Danish island, Bornholm, located east of Denmark in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Poland.   Take advantage of this delightful photo tour of this beautiful island.  Judging from some of the ancient sites on the island, I am convinced it held special significance to early cultures.  Walk with Margit to a secret garden of standing stones.

Margit has already begun preparing for the season by creating charming Danish baskets to be hung on holiday trees!  All you have to do is put paper in your printer, download and print!  They are designed for children to assemble easily!

I made these in just a few minutes using both photo paper and card stock. (Both work equally well.) I did find that scoring the fold lines is a huge help when folding the baskets.

Snow man baskets  :  cone baskets  :  heart baskets  :  fluted cone  :  cardinal and angel baskets   and  flower fairy hearts.

Margit even includes templates for you to download to that you can make the little hearts and baskets out of any paper you choose!  They could even be enlarged if you wanted your baskets a little larger.

And, there is even a template for an adorable little gingerbread house I made for Diane. Don't tell!

Angie and I just recently "met" and I instantly became a huge fan of her blog, At Home in Mexico.  Her goal - to share Mexican everyday life with the world and she is doing a brilliant job of it from her home in the beautiful state of Guanajuato in Mexico.  Some gorgeous photos of the city of Guanajuato here!

Angie will be joining me to celebrate the Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe and will pop in and out throughout the season, which lasts until Los Reyes Magos - January 6th.  And - she is planning a lovely giveaway as part of the festivities! You won't want to miss it!

I think you will enjoy spending time with Angie.  Take a few minutes and visit some of my favorite posts from the past few months.

November 2, Day of the Dead - her post convertyed me into a fan!

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A trip to beautiful Valle de Rio Bravo

And how often are you invited to a Quinceanera?

Lots of foods, crafts and celebrations coming up all this month!  I hope you will join me!


Aww! Those advent pictures

Aww! Those advent pictures are so much fun!

Pam, this post just touched

Pam, this post just touched me for some reason. I got all teary-eyed and sentimental. Look at those advents! Look at that pretty little girl! And anything Danish gets me all silly. I LOVE it when you bring us the holidays.

Thank you for including us as

Thank you for including us as you open your advent calendar and place the ornaments on the tree. How fun! So much to look forward to in December.

Hurray! I love December!

Hurray! I love December!

Very cool. I am looking

Very cool. I am looking forward to seeing more of this calendar's treats!

December 1st, so much

December 1st, so much excitement! I love Magrit's blog and her baskets. And I am so excited to see my blog in your post. I'm sure this will be a great adventure. Thanks, Pam, for including me in your wonderful celebrations.

Hurrah! Since I've met you

Hurrah! Since I've met you and Diane, I can't start Advent without thinking of the two of you & that most awesome advent calendar. Can't wait to see what you have in store for this season. :)

How fun! I for one am excited

How fun! I for one am excited at the prospect of opening your advent calendar virtually with you! :) Maybe we should all photograph our advent calendars day by day and share them on our blogs! :)