La Virgen Guadalupe - December 12th

My tiny altar for La Virgen Guadalupe.

Diane made the origami lilies years ago and I include them in my holiday celebrations every year.

Join Angie - At Home in Mexico - in her celebration of La Virgen Guadalupe.
Angie is sharing the story of the origins of La Virgen Guadalupe and many, many photos to give you  an intimate look inside this most important Mexican celebration.

The kindergarden children dress as peasants or angels and do not walk the hour and a half procession to the church.  They get to ride on a flat bed truck!  You won't want to miss her photos of these little ones participating in this amazing procession of color and celebration.

The older school children wear elaborate costumes - she has taken photos of many, many examples.  These dresses, many hand embroidered, are absolutely gorgeous!

And all young women wear long braids decorated with ribbons and yarns and flowers.

Once the procession reaches the church, Angie shares images of the children as they enter and process down the aisle as well as images of the incredible altar.  Don't miss these either.  How often do you get to visit a beautiful sanctuary in Mexico without going through the rigors of air travel?

And, finally, Angie shares photos of several of the 50+ altars set up outside each house in a neighborhood near her home.  Again, she shares an intimate peak at a celebration most of us would never otherwise have the opportunity to experience.

If you haven't yet linked to her La Virgen Guadalupe post, I encourage you to take a few minutes and do so now,.  She will brighten your day!

Image behind door number 12 of my advent calendar!  It is a high contrast image made by a friend of mine long ago of the Loretto Chapel - of miraculous staircase fame - in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

I chose this image for today because this awe inspiring chapel reminds me so much of the beautiful cathedrals in Europe and in Mexico and South America, like the one Angie shares in her post. 

I was so fortunate as a child to grow up in a town that, because it began as a small Spanish settlement, had a magnificent Cathedral near it's center plaza.  Although I was not Catholic, I cherished every opportunity to visit  the sanctuary.

And now, off to the kitchen to prepare dinner!  Sopapillas and Green Chile Stew!

And don't forget!  Angie will be sharing Las Posadas with us next week beginning on the 15th with a giveaway!  I can't wait to enter!

Vaya con Dios, mis  amigas


My sister is photographing a

My sister is photographing a wedding today in Loretto chapel!! :) Yay, I'm excited for Las Posadas!