Celebrating December 13th - Santa Lucia Day - with a Craftypod Podcast!

I hope you are joining me in a breakfast of Lucia Bread and gingerbread cookies!

My advent calendar image for Santa Lucia Day

Diane just posted her third annual holiday podcast with me - her mother!  This time a Q&A in which I answer questions sent in by listeners. 

I really enjoyed doing this with Diane once again.  I hope you will join us for a little holiday cheer while nibbling your Lucia Buns and gingerbread cookies!

Happy Santa Lucia Day to all!

A GREAT podcast, of

A GREAT podcast, of course!
I didn't know anyone besides myself crafted while driving!

Hi Pam, :-) I just listened

Hi Pam, :-)

I just listened to Diane's podcast while going to work today. It was so much fun to listen to you both (for a third time!) talking and laughing.

By the way, I love the first picture on this post, it's so pretty! It'd make a lovely Christmas card! ^-^

Oh I can't wait to have some

Oh I can't wait to have some quiet time for listening! I'm sure you enjoyed recording it together, maybe if I get up really early tomorrow morning I can listen then. Right now I'm up past my bedtime. Hope you're exceedingly well, your baking looks fabulous, I think I can smell the wonderful gingerbread all the way over here ;)

I'm seven posts behind! I've

I'm seven posts behind! I've got some catching up to do...

It was interesting to listen

It was interesting to listen to the podcast. Blogging is so much fun and enables us to make contact with crafters/gardeners all over the world.