Las Posadas begins!

My Nacimeinto  - nativity - which I put out at the beginning of Las Posadas on December 16th.

The nativity figures, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus were carved in Italy and given to me by my Grandmother many, many, many years ago and are a very important part of my holidays.  When I learned of the Mexican tradition of adding a new animal each year to the nativity or Nacimiento, I decided to do the same. 

Over the years, my Mother has given my husband a collection of American Indian fetishes carved from semi-precious stones such as amber, turquoise, and malachite.  We place them in our Nacimiento every year.

The background made of punched tin reflects the imagined architecture of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.  There is a well behind the tin that holds tea lights and when they are lit, the light flickers through the tiny holes.

I love placing the amber bear so that he is stretching up to peak into the manger.  Right next to him, a jade bear is offering a fish.

My advent calendar image for today, created by my friend Helenn Runpel,  marks the beginning of the Posadas in Mexico during which statues are carried from door to door in neighborhoods to reenact the story of Mary and Joseph seeking shelter for the night. 

The Posadas take place every night from tonight until Christmas Eve. Groups of families gather together and go from house to house carrying statues - the peregrinos (Mary and Joseph) such as the ones shown above - seeking entrance. 

Once granted, the children are treated to a pinata and then special foods are served to all.

Needless to say, Mexican children love this tradition! Beautiful Paloma with her haul!

The pinata photos and the photo of the peregrinos are taken from Angie's blog At Home in Mexico with her permission.

Be sure to take the time to read her story of the Posadas which she has shared so beautifully.  And visit this post from last year to see the processions and the pinata party after!

I appreciate so very much the time and effort Angie has put into sharing this beautiful Mexican tradition with those of us in the world not familiar with it. I can't help but think of the bonds between neighbors and family created during this celebration.

And to celebrate the Posadas, Angie has announced a giveaway!

The beautiful tote you see above is one of four totes she has made to give away to four lucky winners

Inside two of the totes, she will place a scarf - one of which is shown here!  In the other two, she in placing dish towels.

She has generously offered to ship the prizes any where in the world, so everyone can enter!  And why wouldn't you!  These are just beautiful gifts. 

The giveaway closes Monday night (December 21), at midnight!  All you must do to enter is to leave her a comment telling her your favorite memory of your family Christmases! 

I believe I am the first to enter!  Hurry over to Angie's blog to enter right now!

Angie will keep us up to date as she joins her friends and family during the Posadas.   And, to be sure you don't miss anything, I will also link from my blog as well. 

I am especially looking forward to her next post because it will be all about the Nacimientos (Nativity scenes). We will also travel to Italy and to France to view Nativities which are a very important part of Christmas celebrations in those countries.

Feliz Navidad!


What a lovely nativity,

What a lovely nativity, Pam!
I'm off to check out Angie's blog. Thanks for sharing.

What a beautiful idea to add

What a beautiful idea to add an animal to the nativity each year. I really like that idea. The amber bear is great - looks like he wants to climb right on in and keept the baby Jesus warm.

I think it is wonderful how

I think it is wonderful how you have incorporated various cultures into your nativity!

Wow - I really love your

Wow - I really love your nativity scene! We call it a creche (kresh) in our family. Frenchies...we've gotta be different! The punch tin backdrop takes the cake for me!