Twelfth Night Giveaway from the Land of Unmade Ornaments!

The winter holidays aren't over yet!  We are in the midst of the 12 days of Christmas which began on December 26th and will end on January 6th.

A perfect time for a little giveaway! A signed copy of Diane's beautiful book, Kanzashi in Bloom and a Kanzashi ornament made by me! (That is it - almost finished - in the picture! And, Diane has agreed to make up a kit like this one so that when your book arrives, you can begin making Kanzashi right away!

To enter simply leave a comment telling me your very favorite memory from this past Christmas season.  The giveaway is open to all - including international readers.  Entries must be submitted before 6:00 PM Pacific Time on January 5th so that Befana will have time to prepare to announce the winner on the morning of January 6th after she delivers presents to all good children in Italy.

"The Land of Unmade Ornaments"??

Well, you know......... that's home to all those lovely handmade Christmas ornaments (and decorations) that didn't get finished - or maybe even started - this year!  I have seven ornaments wandering around, hopelessly lost, in the Land of Unmade Ornaments.

So, I am declaring January "Making Unmade Ornaments Month"!  I welcome anyone who wishes to join me!  Why not make those Unmade Ornaments now - after all it is still winter all the month of January and think how much fun it will be to make holiday ornaments without the pressure of the Christmas holidays approaching at breakneck speed!

Diane is going to help me set up a Flicker pool so I can share mine and you can share yours! 

Now - to the rescue!! 


I will never forget my sad

I will never forget my sad little daughter, who was very frustrated with Santa for not bringing her "a REAL pony." I tried to remind her that Santa did bring her a stuffed pony with a girl to ride it - and that the rider even earned a blue ribbon - just like she had. But she wouldn't have any of it. "I asked for a REAL pony Mama" Then with a look of shock she said, "Mama, maybe I was on the naughty list."

It was then that my mother-in-law started thinking about how they could really buy K a pony. I'd love it if she bought her one - as long as it came with a barn, food, and a full time employee to muck out the barn! It sure was a sweet though...

Every year brings a new

Every year brings a new favourite memory but the standout one for me is the year I got my first bike and the feeling of being able to ride it without training wheels made me feel so talented!

My favourite memory this

My favourite memory this christmas was spending 2 days baking and decorating for christmas with my daughter who was home for the holiday. Those are the times you cherish

I love your idea of making

I love your idea of making ornaments through January. I might have to join in! December never seems long enough, but starting before Thanksgiving seems too early! If I win Diane's book, then those ornaments will be even better :) My favorite memory from this year I guess would be hanging around with my brother, who lives far away now.

My favorite memory was when

My favorite memory was when my father brought home a puppy on Christmas eve when I was a little girl.

My favorite memory from this

My favorite memory from this season is the wonderful food I had at my cousins house.

My favorite Christmas memory

My favorite Christmas memory this year was setting up the Nativity on Christmas Eve with my husband. We opened boxes of figurines that belonged to my parents and grandparents, told stories, and arranged the manger by candlelight, while listening to Christmas carols and sipping eggnog. Wonderful!

Hmmmmmmm. My favorite

Hmmmmmmm. My favorite memory...

It would probably be their first Christmas after my brother was adopted from Korea. I was 10 and he was 8. Seeing Christmas through his eyes was wonderful. It was the first of many good memories.

I'd love to be entered into

I'd love to be entered into the drawing for Diane's book. Those flowers look wonderful. My favourite memory is a hug and kiss, freely given, by my 5 year old niece. I haven't seen her very much so far, and being with kids is a bittersweet experience for me as I can't have any of my own. But we made a connection this Christmas and when we left she lept into my arms unbidden.

My favorite Christmas memory

My favorite Christmas memory was my first Christmas which I celebrated when I was 27 years old. I was raised in a religion that didn't celebrate Christmas and when I left that religion I started celebrating Christmas. I'm 37 now and I have 10 Christmases under my belt. Here's to many more!!!

Ooh favourite Christmas

Ooh favourite Christmas memory, making chocolate yule log with my mum (and having everyone admire and enjoy it of course!). We were chatting about your blog actually, she was very excited about the idea of a holiday crafts blog and will definitely be up for Making Unmade Ornaments Month :)

ohh Kanzashi flowers - they

ohh Kanzashi flowers - they are so pretty. I would have to say my favorite memory from this year was getting to meet my youngest niece for the first time (even though she is 2 1/2 now) and seeing both my niece's playing with my big dog and sledding down the hill for the first time.
After that I'm right there with Angie in Mexico - Baking! love it and Christmas always seems to bring out my inner extravagant baker.

My favorite memory: Baking

My favorite memory: Baking ginger cookies with my kids (with the recipie Pam posted). It was really chaotic but we enjoyed every minute, and careful hiding has us still eating cookies today!

My favorite Christmas memory

My favorite Christmas memory was on Christmas Eve when my grandparents came over to open their presents. I had made them each some yummy granola. When my grandma open hers she was very excited to try it. A few minutes later I realized my Grandpa hadn't opened his. I pointed this out to him and he opened it. Upon seeing what it was my grandma said
"Thank goodness now I don't have to share."
It was great to see that they were so excited about something I made.

oops! I posted that comment

oops! I posted that comment while I was working, and forgot to say my favorite thing from this year. I remember getting our favorite Christmas movie in the mail on Christmas eve, sitting down with only the lights from the Christmas village lighted, and singing along to the movie while we had eggnog. That's the best.

Aren't you fabulous?!?! What

Aren't you fabulous?!?!

What a great thing! And Diane is da bomb!!

(you may want do change 'december 6th' to january 6th, but who cares? we all know what you mean) Here's the deal: An ornament hand made by YOU?!

I'm in, baby.

Thank you, Chris!!!  I sure

Thank you, Chris!!!  I sure missed that one!  It's been corrected.  Winner will be announced on JANUARY  6th!

It was just a tiny moment,

It was just a tiny moment, but sometimes those are the best, right? I have a teenage nephew who is really having a rough time. The shy smile on his face when I presented him with a new strap and fasteners for his brand new electric guitar is a memory to cherish.

Kanzashi flowers is on my to

Kanzashi flowers is on my to do list this year. I love the way they look.

We let our youngest (10) put some of the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve this year. He usually has to wait to see everything the next morning after Santa adds his gifts to the tree. Our oldest (21) came out and said "That's all the presents this year?" with a very sad look on his face. He knew his brother was in charge of placing the gifts under the tree this year. I had to laugh. The next morning the same lil guy (10) was amazed at all the presents under the tree! He says "wow! Look at all those presents!" It's not like there were tons of presents under the tree, we just put up a smaller tree this year lol.

My favorite memory was on

My favorite memory was on Christmas eve, at a family gathering with my parents, brothers and sisters and their kids. We played Christmas trivia, enjoyed good food and fun.

My favorite memory was on

My favorite memory was on Christmas eve, at a family gathering with my parents, brothers and sisters and their kids. We played Christmas trivia, enjoyed good food and fun.

My favorite memory is giving

My favorite memory is giving something homemade to a friend and having her say she was hoping I would make this item for her! So nice to have our crafting/sewing skills appreciated.

My favorite memory?  Why

My favorite memory?  Why making a chocolate house with Diane of course! Christmas memories don't get better than that!