Celebrating St. Knut's Day - the Last Day of Christmas!

Over 1000 year ago, King Canute of Denmark declared that Christmas should be celebrated for a period of 30 days beginning on St. Lucy Day, December 13th and ending on January 13th   -  that's today! 

Happy St. Knut's Day!

For some Scandinavians, especially those living on the Aland Islands, today is the day Christmas trees are taken down and ornaments and decorations are stored away for next year.

I decided a little celebration is in order!  So I am spending the day in the Land of Unmade Ornaments!

I just finished this tiny little baby Large Tufted Snowy Owl!  Inspired by Lolly Chops who posted a crafty how-to tutorial a little over a year ago!  Even if you don't feel inclined to make an owl, visit to read the brilliantly written story of how Abraham Owl came into this world!

Today is a good day to finally share some of the gifts I made for Christmas 2009!  Since  one of them was actually an early January birthday gift, I had to wait until it was opened before sharing!

More Lolly inspired owls!  A little family!  Notice that the baby's gene pool is immediately recognizable!

Hand woven table runner made for my Mother.  The yarns are leftovers from four weavings I made 35 years ago and fashioned into pillows for her sofa.  She still uses them, so I decided the table runner would be a good idea!

Since my MIL inspired me to return to weaving all these years later, I made her a table runner as well - for her new home on her little island.   She traveled all over the world for many years and brought home textiles and garments in brilliant hues of reds, oranges and pinks. 

So I collected a group of yarns at the Knitin' Kitten in her colors for this project!  Now I have leftovers and I am going to make this adorable hat.  I love that Hanna made her hat even more original by adding a Kanzashi flower! Read her great review of the book!

I decided the best way to learn to knit socks was to learn to kit again!!!  So I started by making three scarfs  - two in this beautiful burgundy variegated yarn and one - for Diane - in shades of blue.

I did learn to make a hat!  Thanks to Ravelry!  But, alas, I did not even think to take a picture before giving it away.  Too bad - it was cute!  Just so you know!

If you haven't already done so, take a minute to visit my Flicker Pool because Angie, who writes a great blog about life in Mexico - "At Home in Mexico", has just posted photos of the yarn stars her students made just before the holiday! 

The two stars in the foreground are a foot across!  She tells the story in the comments that accompany the photo!

If you make a project using a tutorial posted on Gingerbread Snowflakes, I hope you will consider posting a picture on the new Flicker Pool!  I love seeing an idea manifested through the heart and mind and crafty fingers of other crafty people!


People getting gifts you made

People getting gifts you made are probably happy people, your table runners and owls are wonderful! Love the pink colors, and owls, who doesn't love those little birds? :-)

Thanks for the linkage too, let me know when the hat is finished?! :-)

Oh, Pam. Your tufted owl...!

Oh, Pam. Your tufted owl...! Heavens to Mergatroid!

You mentioned this to me a while ago and I am just now here to see how darn CUTE this is!

And I just asked Diane what her favorite color was, and of COURSE it's blues. What am I, hard of reading?!?

I just joined your Flickr group, so you're trapped, now.

That table runner is great

That table runner is great and I agree - fabulous colors! Those owls make me so happy! xo

I love those table runners.

I love those table runners. What kind of loom do you have?

Such nice gifts, Pam! I am

Such nice gifts, Pam! I am especially loving those table runners. xo

Wow! Your owl family is the

Wow! Your owl family is the cutest and that ornament might be the coolest thing EVER!!!! I love the textures in that fella!

I am in love with your weaving too (each one is even better than the one prior)! Such amazing talent!

Pam, there is so much to see

Pam, there is so much to see on this post, what bright and happy colors. They make me smile. Love the table runners. And Happy St. Knut's Day to you too. :)