Update from the Land of Unmade Ornaments!

 Finally done!  My red Dala!   Had to make a red one - it's traditional! Been putting this one off because I haven't attempted embroidery in years  and I wasn't feeling all that confident.  

But once I got into it,  I had fun and learned a few new stitches along the way!  I really do not like the mane - huge mistake - but I would not like tearing it out more!!

I found this mirror on Dollar Store Crafts and this one on Craftynest.  I loved them both and thought they would translate into a sweet little sparlky ornament!  The mirror in the center is only 2" (5 cm) in diameter,  I used toothpicks, silver spray paint, and little gem embellishments I had left from another project.

Linaloo posted this tutorial for these cute little fabric stars this past holiday season and for me - it was love at first sight!  I used bits of my "vintage" Christmas fabric stash and for the centers, I used cool metal beads that had tempted me to take them home even though I had no idea what I would do with them at the time!

I've been wanting to make this little "tin" mirror ornament forever!  The oval mirror is about 1 1/2" x 2" (3.75 cm x 5 cm).  The "frame" was made by first cutting an oval from "tin" (aluminum flashing) about 2" larger than the mirror and then cutting it into very thin strips.  As the metal strips are cut they curl - the thinner the strip the tighter the curl!  Lots of fun to do.

Still have several in progress!  Will report soon!

Lovely - as always. The dala

Lovely - as always.
The dala horse is too too cute. With your tin ornament - don't those curly edges become awfully sharp? and now I must wander off and find the star pattern - as it too is so cute. Only ornament I have managed to complete this January has been a small little cross stitch of two toy soldiers that I have had kicking around forever; but hey - one ornament is a start...and from what I've seen things tend to snowball from there :)

Thanks for bringing up the

Thanks for bringing up the sharp edges, Heather!  Yes - they are sharp and you do need to be careful working and handling.  I always wear gloves and goggles when working with tin.  If this had been a tutorial, I would have mentioned it but since not - I didn't think!  I appreciate you bringing it up.

And yes!  Once you get started things DO snowball from there!

I didn't want to drag out my machine - a 1966 2000 pound "portable" Kenmore which I love with all my heart - so I hand stitched the stars!  They really are a lot of fun - I think you will enjoy making them.  Be sure to let Lina see the results!

Hey, Sweetie! You've been

Hey, Sweetie! You've been getting a lot done, and I like it. This is what I expect now! I come here for the eye candy and the inspiration, and you never disappoint!
Those mirrors are something I've never worked with but they are cool! What great embellishments for all year! I think they'd look great in a studio, just a couple here and there on the walls next to art works. While I'm working, the sun would glint off of them.

LOVE your red Dala. I even like the mane!

I wish I were this talented.

I wish I were this talented. Really fine work you do on all these. I think the red Dala is my favorite. How beautiful it looks with the evergreen background.

Your stars turned out

Your stars turned out beautifully as did your Dala horses. Your embroidery looks great to me!

Lina x

Lina, I am glad you like the

Lina, I am glad you like the stars - especially since YOU were the inspiration and provided the "how-to"!  Thank you!

These stars are very easy to make - in fact these are completely hand stitched - no machine.  Gtear little "pick-up" project for while watching TV or listening to Podcasts!

Wow! What a truly beautiful

Wow! What a truly beautiful Dala horse! I wonder if i can get those in Sweden??!!!

Ha!  You are so lucky to be

Ha!  You are so lucky to be in Sweden!  And have access to Dalas!  I rarely ever see them in the Northwest. Which, now that I think about it, is probably a good thing - if they were as plentiful as they are in Sweden, I would no doubt have 100 by now!

I LOVE the red dala, he's

I LOVE the red dala, he's beautiful. I actually like the mane too, but I'm looking at it as a whole rather than concentrating on certain bits - you are far too critical. Now I must make some more of these, I have one on order from my sister-in-law x

Good for you Kimberly!  I

Good for you Kimberly!  I hope you will post a picture!

Thank you for the compliment - and you are right of course - I should step back and see the whole picture and not just zero in on the one part I wish I'd done differently!  Good advice!  Making these has almost become an addiction!  I already have plans for two more! 

Gosh, you make the most

Gosh, you make the most beautiful gorgeous things (for lack of a better word). Just beautiful!!