"Unmade" Ornament Rescue complete! Sweet ATC Frames and a Little Dala

Inspiration for another Dala from the Land of Unmade Ornaments

But we will get back to that in a bit!  First I just have to share these cute little owls I absolutely HAD to make! 

One for Diane and one for me - made using yarn left over from scarves knitted for Christmas gifts!  Since I am still following Alice's (Future Girl Craft blog) challenge to craft from existing stash, I had to improvise on the eyes a bit!  (And I see I have a little loose thread there - ARGH!  Cameras!)

I found these sweet little guys on one of my favorite go to blogs for crafty celebration - One Pretty Thing.   Rachel has introduced me to so many lovely crafters and their blogs, and Maedchenmitherz is a great example!  Maedchenmitherz is German for "girl with heart"! Here is the direct link to her tutorial for making these adorable creatures!  This project is so quick and simple it definitely falls into the category of "instant gratification craft"!

And I am back playing with "tin" again!  I just can't stay away from it for long.  I had several little treasures that needed framing. They will be hung for display during the year, but moved to the tree in December. Since my treasures are Artist Trading Cards - 2 1/2" x 3" - they are quite small - perfect ornament size!

Last summer I traded Artist Trading Cards with two artistic friends who create in completely different styles using completely different mediums!  Since I wanted to keep the cards I received from them out where I could enjoy them every day, I decided to frame them.  I am including them  among the ornaments in the Land of Unmade Ornaments because - up until a week ago - they were still "unmade"!

Teri C  who posts every single day to her blog Teri's Painted Daisies, sent me the sweet little Saguaro Cactus watercolor above because she knows I love and miss the Arizona desert.

And she sent me poppies because she knows I love poppies - especially the Mexican gold poppies and California poppies that can literally carpet the desert floor in wet years.  You can find them here and here!

Like this! One of my most perfect days!

Teri recently accepted a challenge to make 100 paintings in a year!  You might want to suscribe so you don't miss a single one!

I built the frames using Maid-o-Metal tooling foil.  The foil is so thin and easy to cut I was able to cut fancy edges using my Kraft Edgers!

I didn't want to damage the little paintings, so I left them in their little plastic bags and sealed only three sides of the back so the card could be removed.

After the glue dried on the first frame, I decided to try for a backing that would allow for easier access!  I used card stock instead of tin and left a portion of the card exposed.

Chris has a fabulous sense of humor and artistic heart - both of which she shares on her blog Prism Trail.  She sent me these three mixed media cards - each created using layer upon layer of texture and design.  Because they are so complex, I decided to create much smaller, simpler frames.  But, Chris threw me a curve ball by making these double sided!

No way could I cover the back!  So I cut the frame so that it provided a little lip for the card to rest on.

And then I made little tabs at the corners which I attached with wire.  The card will stay in place but can easily be removed.

Don't miss this post!  Chris is sharing her current Polymer Clay Tiles!  They are beautiful!  I love her tiles! AND... I just received some of these in the mail! A HUGE surprise!  I will be sharing soon!

While I was playing with "tin" I framed a little tiny 1 1/2" card I received from a friend and I made an Espejito.  Both of these were made using aluminum roof flashing and have been languishing -cut out but unfinished- in the land of Unmade Ornaments for months!

The last of the unmade ornaments - for this year! 

While I was stitching the "traditional" dala recently, the mix of lime green, pink, turquoise and cream yarns against the black colored backside of the material caught my eye!  I loved how these colors looked together on the black.  So maybe not officially an "unmade" but at least now I will get him completed before next year!

I am still working on this one - lots more flowers to add!

Thank you for joining me on my adventures in the Land of Unmade Ornaments! I have been thrilled to share with those of you who have joined me!  I will be posting most of my rescued ornaments on my flicker pool and hope you will post yours too!


I left a comment when this

I left a comment when this post first came out and it must have gotten lost.
I am so thrilled that you made these beautiful frames for my ATCs. They are gorgeous.
Thanks for your friendship and all your wonderful posts!

The owls are SO cute! I

The owls are SO cute! I imagine the Land of Unmade Ornaments looks a lot like the Island of Misfit Toys. Lots of little animals dragging yarn trails and unglued glitter through the snow. =)

Pam, what perfect way to

Pam, what perfect way to showcase small treasures in these frames. And the owls are adorable.

Pam, these frames are

Pam, these frames are amazing! You are so good. I love the intricate edging and design, the textures and quality of craftsmanship. You really do honor to these ATCs. Thanks for a great idea.

Thank you for your kind words. You're the BEST!

I'm in love with the ATCs in

I'm in love with the ATCs in the pretty frames! So great!

We have made these owls as

We have made these owls as well, but I haven`t posted it yet.. they are sitting under your stars :)