A Valentine from Chris!

Since we are all celebrating "Love" these next 8 days, I want to share a gift of love that I just received from Chris!

Yes!  I am one of the thrilled and lucky people to receive some of these fabulous polymer tiles Chris recently posted pictures of on her blog Prism Trail

I nearly fainted when my sweetie returned from the PO, envelope in hand with a big smile on his face!  He couldn't wait to see what was inside anymore than I could!  He enjoys her blog and especially her sense of humor and his curiosity was stretched to the limit by the time he got home.

I am sharing her beautiful tiles in a very static display hoping it's simplicity will encourage you to take time to appreciate each one! She has used so many different colors, even mixing more than one color in a single tile. And so many textures, patterns and glazes.  Eash and every one a perfect little work of art.  I have them displayed in a shallow dish for the time being and love touching them and moving them around into different compositions.

And look at this one! While the other tiles measure from 1/2" to 1 1/4" across, this beauty measures 3" x 3"!   I loved this when I saw it on her post!  I still can't believe it actually now lives with me!

Looks like I am going to be making more frames!

Thank you Chris, for sharing your art and your heart. 

Happy Valentine Day my friend.

I love my tiles from Chris,

I love my tiles from Chris, too!

Happy Valentine's Day to you,

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Pam!

Wow, these are just

Wow, these are just BEAUTIFUL!!