Futuregirl Rules!

Read Alice's (Futuregirl) post "Thanks for visiting" just published on Make & Meaning - read it right now before you read another word here!  I mean it!  Do it now!  "Thanks for visiting"!

Alice discusses the importance of responding to comments left on blog posts,  reminding us that responding is just plain good manners and a door to building friendships with other crafty people.

I read her words yesterday morning.  Yesterday afternoon, my sweetie returned from the post box with two packages in his hands addressed to me! And they were both from two lovely, creative women I met because I responded to comments left on my blog posts!

The box above traveled "over the pond" from England and was sent to me by Linda Forrest, an Estonian woman living in England who regularly shares playtime with her daughter on her blog Loikan ja keebin...cutting and glueing with my little daughter. The two of them seriously know how to have fun playing together.

Linda made yarn stars as teachers gifts this year. Her stars are beautiful and if you notice, she used glass head pins at the tips. She inspired me to explore using beads at the tips of my own stars!

We decided to trade yarn stars! And look where she has gone with them!  I freaked out when I pulled this little guy out of the box! Just look at those little tufts.  OMG!  Soooo cute!

 This one looks so furry!  Her use of this particular yarn appealed to me in the images she shared on my flicker pool too.  I loved the idea.

I wonder if she knew how much I love red and white together at Christmas when she was making this one to send!! (Did you notice that she makes the hanger using TWO colors of yarn?)

And as if the stars weren't enough, she not only included these adorable little birds but she included a template made of cardboard so I could make my own!

Apparently, she used to teach how to make these to school children when she assisted in her daughter's classroom.  I am hoping Linda will post a tutorial for making these so everyone can hang a couple pom pom birdies on their trees next year!

I love this image on the card she enclosed - it is of  the village she used to live in when she first moved to England.

And now for package number 2!

Another yarn star maker!  Kathleen Jackson, a crafter who lives in the mid-western USA just recently started Refashionolgy, a blog about "making old and used stuff into new and cool stuff".  I hope everyone will visit and wish her success with her adventure in the crafty on line universe!

Kathleen made several "grandma" yarn stars - you can see some of them posted on my flicker pool.  She became so enthused about making yarn stars, she made them as gifts for her co-workers at Christmas! I just had to ask if she would consider trading!  And she answered YES!  YAY!

I love the way she has recycled cards for the centers and in this one above, how she actually "centered" the image in such a way as to create a little scene framed in yarn.  I doubt she knew it, but I have a thing for red birds!

And then there is the snowman yarn star!  I left all my snowmen sitting out around my mini-tree.  Only the lights - no ornaments - are on the tree now! The snowmen are romping in a blanket of snow and greet me with good cheer when I awake in the morning!  This is the perfect tree topper! 

Kathleen made this beautiful card for me!  I can't do it justice.  The image is actually printed on a parchment like paper and then overlays the front of the card.  The few times in my life I have been lucky enough to witness low hanging clouds playing hide and seek among the branches of fir trees, I have been without a camera.  I am thrilled to have this image.

Thank you both, Linda and Kathleen, from the bottom of my heart, for  visiting, offering your friendship, sharing a holiday craft with me, and  making me these beautiful treasures. 

One of the greatest rewards I have received from posting Gingerbread Snowflakes has been meeting so many wonderful, creative individuals, and  watching how one idea for a craft project can change so much as it takes shape in a another's hands.

And my heartfelt thanks to you, Alice, for your thoughtful reminder to reach out with appreciation to those who come to visit.



Thanks Pam,Your gentle

Thanks Pam,Your gentle reminder about manners is appreciated. Sometimes I just forget.

I wish I could take credit

I wish I could take credit but the credit all belongs to Alice!  In her post she suggests that  not responding to comments is much like inviting guests to your home and then leaving them sitting in your living room while you go about doing other things!  I love her analogy. 

Oh thanks, Pam, such a lovely

Oh thanks, Pam, such a lovely post again :)

Thank you so much Pam!! The

Thank you so much Pam!! The stars you sent me were just gorgeous and I can't wait to post those on my blog this evening. And I also love the little tufts that Linda put on her stars! Amazing!

I am just starting out blogging and learning about this wonderful way to connect with other crafters, and I can't think of anyone better to learn from than you. Not only does creating bring joy, but sharing ideas and swapping crafty things brings even more joy. Thank you for teaching that to me. :)

Oh, sweet Pam, you're the

Oh, sweet Pam, you're the best! :)