MIA - Baking Cookies!

I've been a bit occupied these last 10 days!  Baking cookies for all the lovely people who refer our wedding photography services to brides!

We bake, wrap and deliver close to 2000 cookies every Valentines!

Last year I posted several of my favorite recipes from this project.  And my Double Frosted Brownies here!

I added a couple new cookies this year I am very excited to share.  I promise to post the recipes by the end of this month! Especially the Potato Chip Cookies.  Yum!

And - while I was busy baking....

My pussy willows exploded!  A lovely French variety that is pink when it first opens.

And my orchid opened!  We will have this blossom around to enjoy for at least two months!  Orchids take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to bloom, but when they do, they aren't in a hurry to leave!

Now! Take a quick look at my flicker pool!  See the Danish woven paper hearts?  Angie (At Home in Mexico) just taught her class to make them and posted some of the results! See the full story here!

She kept them simple and let the girl's imaginations run wild!  Some are decorated with markers - one even a clock!  And don't miss the bows!  I love the bows!

Thank you , Angie, for going to all the trouble to share these with us.

Next time - watching Diane build her white chocolate box!


Pam, I love the cookie

Pam, I love the cookie picture! You have cookie artistry in your hands.
I've never had pussy willows. I haven't seen them since I was a girl in Kansas City. These are so pretty. I think I'll put this photo on my desktop. I may have to find some to plant. But I bet our so. cal. weather won't make them very happy.

Oh that orchid is amazing. I

Oh that orchid is amazing. I had one once but I couldn't seem to keep it happy.

My jaw dropped when I saw

My jaw dropped when I saw "2000". You weren't kidding about Valentine's Day baking being a production! I hope the recipients appreciate the cookies. That's a lovely orchid photo.

Beautiful orchid! And thanks

Beautiful orchid! And thanks for cheereing my girls. They are happy to be in your fliker group!g

Your energy amazes me! 2000

Your energy amazes me! 2000 cookies?! WOW.

Aww, that is the best

Aww, that is the best thank-you ever, they look amazing! I'm off to check out the hearts... Happy Monday!

Holey moley that is a LOT of

Holey moley that is a LOT of cookies!! And what a nice gesture!

Your orchid is a DOUBLE WOWZER now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!