Making Chocolate Boxes on Valentine's Day!

Peggy Alter
, chocolatier and accomplished pastry chef invited Diane and me to her unofficial Valentine's Day open house to make chocolate boxes!

You can read Diane's version of our play date here!

After months and months of work renovating a lovely Portland gingerbread house built in 1890, Peggy is ready to open her doors. It has long been her dream to provide a comfortable and relaxed space for "making with chocolate"!  She will be officially open two weeks before Easter!

The entry wall is lined with certificates, awards and even a letter from Hillary Clinton!  And check out the arch.  Peggy forced plaster through a pastry tip to create the edging detail!  Totally cool!

As you step into the original parlor, you are greeted by a case filled with kits and chocolate blanks to make chocolate houses, boxes, place cards...

and lollypops...

and cards...

and chocolate sculpture...

and molding chocolate!

Next stop - the "work stations" which Peggy keeps stocked with all kinds of candies, edible decorations, edible "glue" (some kind of magic bonding confection), glitter and even edible paints! And all the tools you could possibly need while you are working!  Peggy is always there to offer suggestions, demonstrate technique or answer questions if you need.

Forgive my obvious enthusiasm!  I just think this dream of hers is the coolest way to play with family and friends and I get pretty excited every time I talk about it!

But you wanted to watch Diane build a box - not listen to me!  Right??  This is the box before it was built!

She really wanted to be certain I captured the gold glazing on the surface of the white chocolate!  So fussy! Please be sure to let her know I did a great job of capturing it!

Now I'll be quiet and let you watch her build for a bit.







She totally loved the gilding material.And I totally love her box!

When Peggy opens for Easter she will have chocolate Easter egg kits available.

And chocolate Easter houses!

I took Diane's advice - which she gave as she watched me taking a ton of pictures - and put several other images in the flicker pool!

Diane and I had so much fun with the chocolate house kit in December we could hardly wait for Peggy to finish construction and open her doors!

It's a great place to bring kids.  And not expensive!  Lollypops are only $3.95 and $5.95 and that includes the little candies and glitters she provides for decoration!

Just as a reminder for those of you who don't live here in Portland, you can still play with chocolate boxes and houses and molding chocolate!  Check out her online store - Chocolate Craft Kits!

I hope I'll run into some of you at the Chocolate Craft Studio!

To answer the question so many of you have asked - YES the chocolate is delicious! It was thoroughly tested by my trustworthy chocolate taster - my sweetie - and passed with flying colors!  According to him, the chocolate is excellent!


That was the best day! And,

That was the best day! And, when exactly did you find time to take all these pictures?!

Those are gorgeous chocolate

Those are gorgeous chocolate creations. DO you actually eat them? It would be so hard to destroy them...or perhaps the chocolate tastes too good to let them sit for long. I'm behind on your daughter's podcast and so only just finished listening to the Christmas interview with you. It was so charming. You seem to have such a loving relationship. You're right about your cooking posts too. Your photos of your cooking always look so delectable.

Oh my goodness! Can I come

Oh my goodness! Can I come over and make chocolate boxes next time?!!!!

Pam, you really make this

Pam, you really make this come to life with all the photos. Thanks for that! I love her little place. I'll go over and congratulate her. And now I'm going to tell Diane how cool hers looks with the hearts up top.

This looks like a lot of fun. I definitely will be zipping over there when I come to visit!

I want to join these play

I want to join these play dates! What a beautiful house and beautiful chocolate boxes too. I wish Peggy every success. Does the chocolate taste as good as it looks?
BTW, Your photos are perfect too!

What an incredible place!

What an incredible place! Even the house's exterior looks like a chocolate box. Peggy's shop looks wonderful.