Come Hiking With Me!

Tammy over at Tamdoll's Work Space nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award over a month ago! 

And now, just as I am finally ready to accept, I suddenly realize I was nominated last year by Chris at Prism Trail!  However, since I have already selected my nominees and prepared the text and digitized the images before realizing this, I am going to accept again! 

I really, really want to share my nominees - all new or almost new bloggers that are doing a great job and deserve the award! 

And I am very excited about sharing a part of me few people know about with the hope that some of you will be inspired to follow in my footsteps!

I am - or was when I was a bit younger - an avid backpacker!  I have had a non-stop love affair with mother earth and her secret wild places since I was 9 years old and took my first hike on a mountain trail while attending Girl Scout camp.

Instead of telling you 7 other things you don't know about me, I thought it might be fun to take you to my most favorite places - places you probably have never been to visit!  Some can only be reached by backpacking miles into the back country;  and others, while easily reached by car,  are a long, long way from where most of us live. Despite the relative remoteness of most of my secret wild places, I sincerely hope that at least some of you will be inspired to seek out and experience the magic, peace and renewal waiting patiently for you!

I am including links to every spot I mention; however, please feel free to write me with any questions you might have.  I welcome your inquires with open arms!

Photo disclaimer!  Some of these images have been digitized from very old slides taken in route using grainy film and without the aid of a tripod!  Just so you are prepared for inconsistencies in quality!

So, without any further chatter from me, let's go hiking!

You may already know about this one if you have been following my blog for a while.  The Hoh Rain forest in Olympic National Park, Washington State.

There are two lovely day hike trails that are very easy  - one is even wheel chair accessible. However the entire park is crisscrossed with a multitude of back country trails, and well maintained roads take you to every major attraction! I promise, you will feel as if you have just landed in Jurassic Park!

Mt. Baker from Artists Ridge Trail, Mt. Baker-Snoqualomie National Forest, Washington State.  Take your car right to the top and day hike along a ridge with fabulous views of Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan. A great jumping off place for backpacking into Cascades National Park.

William O. Douglas Wilderness near Chinook Pass,  Mt Rainier, Washington State
.  Great jumping off spot for backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail or for fairly easy day hikes through alpine country. We have seen lots of children on this trail.


Arches National Park
and Canyonlands National Park, Moab, Utah.  It is easy to find spots that are so quiet your ears will hurt from the lack of stimulation!  Bike trails and hiking trails abound, but the park service also maintains excellent roads throughout the parks.

Desert regions of the Southwest.  Favorites - Organ Pipe National Monument, Arizona; Jushua Tree National Park, and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California. Spring is the best time to visit.  Don't even think about summer!!

I have hiked Grand Canyon trails to the Colorado River, at the very bottom of the canyon, many, many times.  Descending into the canyon is like traveling back in time millions, and millions of years. Climbing out of the canyon feels like it is taking millions and millions of years!

My favorite trail to the bottom of the Grand Canyon however, is through Havasu Canyon to the Colorado River.  Breathtaking water falls reward your efforts and your tired feet and your sore legs! If the bottom of the canyon doesn't beckon you, there is a fabulous campground just two miles from Havasupai Village. Lots of water falls there too!

Pertified Forest National Park and Painted Desert, both found in Northern Arizona. Another favorite spot to get completely away from it all and listen to silence. Well maintained roads take you to several trail heads for hiking trails. You don't have to go far from the trail head to find the silence.

Green River Lake in the Wind River Range
, Wyoming - one of the headwaters of the Colorado River. This gorgeous lake is accessable by car - if you don't mind gravel roads!  And it is the trail head for wonderous journeys into the mountain country.

During a backpack trip with Diane, we found an entire hillside completely covered with ripe, wild strawberries!  Millions of them!

Spectacular views of dramatic mountain ranges and alpine lakes await hikers entering the Wind River Range at Big Sandy near Pinedale, Wyoming. This area is a backpacker's paradise! And the sheer granite pinnacles appeal to rock climbers.

Yellowstone National Park
, Wyoming.  Not so crowded if you go in June or September.  For someone like me who is in love with mother earth, this is the ultimate place to experience her power and wonder. For a quick trip to see Old Faithful link to the Old Faithful web cam!

Grand Teton National Park
, Wyoming.  I backpacked the back country trails every summer for 10 years. Week long, 40 mile trips through alpine meadows filled with wild flowers and tiny alpine lakes and stunning views of surrounding cliffs and peaks. This image was taken in the Alaskan Basin, part of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest and adjacent to the National Park.

My sweet patient daughter, Diane, at Hurricane Pass - 10,300 feet - with the east side of the Grand, Middle and South Tetons peaks behind her! 

It never for one minute occurred to me that she would not share my enthusiasm for wild places so I took her on many of my trips.  She never complained. But about ten minutes before we reached the top of this pass, she turned around, looked me squarely in the eye and said " Mother, this had better be awesome."

And it was! She sat on an outcrop overlooking Cascade Canyon and the Teton peaks beyond for most of the rest of the afternoon. 

There she is!  Can't you see her sitting right at the edge of that snow field at Hurricane Pass in the top center of the image? 

Actually this image looking south into Cascade Canyon was taken from the north end - 8 miles away from the pass.

Are you exhausted yet?  Need a break? Grab a cup of tea and a couple cookies and let's visit my nominees!

I am supposed to choose seven. Very difficult thing to do - to narrow it down to seven!  So I decided to stick to fairly new blogs.

This and That -  Avital uses her photographic passion to share her life in Israel and her adventures in the world of craft.  Here is a sample of her amazing and spectacular photography.

At Home In Mexico - Angie shares a lively and intimate look into every day life in Mexico and often shares the craft projects completed by her students.

Eurolush - Eurolush takes us on a photographic journey through her life in Germany and her travels to other lands. Don't miss Lucerne, Switzerland!

When Pigs Fly
- Anne writes a charming blog filled with excellent tutorials including the most well written tutorial for making a chile ristra on the internet!

Make and Meaning - a collaborative effort by some of our superstar craft bloggers.  I am including it because I want to be sure everyone who reads my blog signs on to read Make and Meaning.  The content is well written, thought provoking and pertinent.   Don't miss this one.

And since it is a collaborative effort, I am exempting them from passing along the award. 

Three Pumpking Little - Sandra's blogging style is best described as eclectic!  Something new and fresh every post! Like this must try Black Bean Soup!

Wool's Happenin'
- Jill's blog is brand new!  Check it out! And don't miss this amazing tutorial for making a heart shape basket for the door.

Ok - so I guess we have to deal with the "rules" so the nominees know what to do next:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award and link to their blog.
2. Copy the award to your blog.
3. List 7 things people don't know about you.
4. Nominate 7 bloggers, link to their site and leave a comment on their blog advising them of the nomination.

I hope you will enjoy visiting my nominees as much as I do!

And thank you Tammy for thinking of me and nominating my blog!  I had a lot of fun sharing my adventures and my nominees!


Pam! This is an amazing

Pam! This is an amazing post! Makes me want to move to the mountains. I have hiked in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming and your photos tug at my heart strings. How inspiring and adventurous!

I'm a bit behind in my blog reading. Sorry I haven't dropped by lately. I think of you often.

Wishing you a happy, colorful spring!! :)

This is the second time I've

This is the second time I've looked at these beautiful photos! They inspire me to go hiking more, and to definately try to live in the US again so I can also see these amazing sights! WONDERFUL! INSPIRING! GORGEOUS!

Pam, I've discovered that

Pam, I've discovered that there IS crying in blog reading!

I would LOVE to go to these places, and although I will almost certainly never hike the Grand Canyon, any number of these are right up my alley. I loved being in the Redwoods around Patrick's Point, and that photo of the Hoh rain forest brought it all back to me because it looks a little like that! I loved it so much.

I'm trying to get to Anza Borrego this weekend.

Thanks so much for this tour! You're amazing.

Oh Chris1  I love the

Oh Chris1  I love the Redwoods too!  I was so enchanted when Diane and I visited (on a trip to the Pacific Northwest together) that I swear I took a picture of her standing at the base of almost every tree! After about 5 trees, her expressions became less and less enthusiastic!

Be sure to go back to Anza Borrego when the flowers are blooming!  The desert floor can be covered in Desert Primrose if there has been rain - and there has been rain!

Wow! Talk about a trip down

Wow! Talk about a trip down memory lane!

Oh, my! Glorious photos. You

Oh, my! Glorious photos. You have seen so many beautiful places. I'm embarrassed to admit I've only seen the AZ ones and I've never been to the bottom of the Canyon. Very interesting post and thank you for visiting my blog also.

Wow...these photos are

Wow...these photos are fantastic!
I love hiking, too! Whenever we have the chance to spend our holidays in the Alps, we go hiking.

Arrived here at your blog via Angie in Mexico.

Greetings from Imke in Germany!

Wow -- these photos are

Wow -- these photos are jaw-dropping! Your country is so beautiful. I only scratched the surface during my 3 years in Boston. I hope you post more! Thanks so much for nominating me for the Creative Blogger award. I really am touched and flattered I'm afraid I have to decline. I can't think of 7 things to post about myself and I don't think I know 7 bloggers to nominate. The blogs I follow are quite diverse and most wouldn't fit that category. But thanks for thinking of me!

This is the best post - I

This is the best post - I LOVE your pictures. They make me want to book a trip - soon! I never really went hiking (growing up in NYC - running to the train station was all the walking I ever did!), but this is making me want to try.

I can't wait to check out these bloggers, thanks for the links!

Your photos make me want to

Your photos make me want to see Washington state, the only place I have not been on your list. It looks gorgeous! I have been lucky enough to go rafting down the Green River. I need to go do that again. Thanks for the tour - so fun.

Hi Pam--these pictures are

Hi Pam--these pictures are amazing! I love hiking, too, and some of my best childhood memories are of when my dad pushed us to tackle some mountain trails when we lived in Hawaii. And thank you for nominating my blog! I am so touched :). I look forward to checking out the other blogs you've pointed us to. Thanks for such a great post!

I am so pleased you enjoyed

I am so pleased you enjoyed the hiking images, Sandra!  I hope you are folloowing in your Dad's footsteps and taking your little ones on hikes too!


Your are welcome for the nomination.  And by the way - great job on Maxwell's burpers! Almost too beautiful for such a purpose!

Pam, I'm so happy you're back

Pam, I'm so happy you're back up and running! These images are fantastic and have left me pining for home. The scenery is so breath taking and as a fellow hiking lover I would have enjoyed every minute of it if I was there too so thanks for "taking" me now. What a joy to have Diane to share many of these trips with too.
Congratulations on your award, always a deserving recipient.
J x

PS - is that your picture in photo one? Looking like a gorgeous model!

Thanks Joanie, I am hoping I

Thanks Joanie, I am hoping I am back - still got to get through the ISP change!

Yes - that is me - the mosquito ravaged, sun burned, tender and sore super- model caked in trail dust thrilled to be within reach of a real meal!

But I LOVE every single minute of it because it makes my eyes and my heart happy being so close to nature and seeing her secret places hidden away in high mountain valleys.

Pam, these places are so

Pam, these places are so beautiful!!! I LOVED this journey.
And thanks so much for nominating my blog. This is so much fun! I enjoyed linking to the other nominees' blogs also.
(Glad your short break was short).

You have taken me on so many

You have taken me on so many exciting journeys in Mexico, I am glad to share a little of the western states with you!  Just wish I could take you there in person!

Oh my gosh! I am completely

Oh my gosh! I am completely overwhelmed! Your photos and descriptions of completely awesome places are beautiful. And I'm excited to spend some time looking at the blogs you've mentioned because they're all new to me (except for Make & Meaning). AND finally, I'm super touched that you've nominated Wool's Happenin'! Thanks bunches and heaps for this post, Pam.

You are doing a great job,

You are doing a great job, Jill and deserve the nomination! 

One of the coolest things that I discovered while preparing this post was that now that we have the internet and bloggers, there is a wealth of images on the internet, of every single place included in the post.  Just google for a visual feast!

I tried to confine my links to travel information only.  But many hikers have posted their adventures - worth a look!

OMG!!! what a fabulous

OMG!!! what a fabulous journey we took with you. The photos are just stunningly beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, thanks.

I finally painted your orchid and posted it yesterday. Thanks for the loan.

Thank you Teri!  I keep

Thank you Teri!  I keep telling you with you artistic eye and skill in water colors, you really need to get out more! At least to those fabulous areas so close to your winter home in Arizona!

I love that you painted my little orchid just as it was beginning to bloom! You touched my heart.