Dynamic Duo Creates E-Book and Adorable Patterns

Grab a cup of tea and a few cookies and come sit with me while I share a sneak peak at my beautiful copy of Joan Gorman's very first volume of her brand new e-book series Stitch Village

Joan's blog, Nini Makes, was one of the very first I subscribed to when Diane sent me out into the internet to begin my blogging education!  I loved taking long walks with Joan in the English country side and sitting at her kitchen table as she talked about what her lovely children were up to or shared a favorite recipe.  But my very favorite times with her have always been those afternoons she invited me into her studio and shared her excitement over her latest embroidery pattern or hexie project or a new  project for Green Parent.

And it was right there in a sunny corner of that studio, when she picked up a stack of mid-century vintage needlecraft booklets intending to pack them for her move to a new home that the idea for Stitch Village flashed through her mind.  As most of you know, it is impossible to simply pick up a stack of treasures such as these without taking a few moments to quietly sit and page through a few copies before consigning them to the box.

It was during this quiet moment that Joan decided that once she got settled in her new home, she would begin sharing her love of needlecraft by creating a series of e-books patterned after those lovely vintage booklets she had turned to so many times for inspiration.

This gorgeous Swedish Lykke Horse in one of five projects offered in this first volume of Stitch Village which features some of the delightful creations Joan has made for family and friends. Other projects include an iPod Cozy, a Recipe Binder, Spotty Storage and the beautiful Gracie Doll.

Future volumes will feature designs and patterns created by many other designers.  And each volume will remain true to the original mid-century needlecraft booklet format.

Canisters and glass jars recycled into adorable Mushroom storage containers for all those small items we all accumulate like buttons, threads, beads and baubles!

March is "recycle project" month here on Gingerbread Snowflakes and I plan to repurpose several of the oatmeal and cornstarch and coffee creamer canisters I have collected this year into Mushrooms!  I know I can do it because Joan's instructions are perfectly clear, well written and easy to follow.  And she provides step by step photography so there should be no questions!

Be still my heart!  The Gracie Doll!  I am smitten! 

I have never forgotten the happy hours I spent as a little girl, sitting on my bed playing with two beautiful hand made dolls sent to me by my grandfather.  Sadly, they have been lost.  Joan's Gracie doll, made for her sweet daughter, brought those memories flooding back and since I am NOT yet too old for dolls, I am going to make a Gracie doll with lots and lots of dresses!

To help ensure success in completing any project in her book, Joan's e-book includes a resource list for tools and supplies, a link to a free video library of common embroidery stitches, help for face painting and great tips for making and attaching hair.  Even a brilliant tip for working with tiny patterns.

But, just so you know - Joan is not the only pattern maker in her family! 

Recently, Joan posted these two adorable patterns designed by her daughter, Gracie!  And they are free!  All you have to do is write and ask for them and they will be sent to you via e-mail!

The minute I received mine, I dropped every single project I have been working on, transferred the designs to muslin and made these two little hearts for my Valentine Tree! 

Thank you Gracie!  I can not walk by my little tree with out smiling and thinking of you!

Stitch Village Pattern Collection can be ordered in her Village Shop!  And Joan gives us more detail into how Stitch Village Pattern Collection came about and offers a peak inside of her book on her brand new blog, Stitch Village, where she plans to keep us posted on new pattern and e-book offerings.

You may also wish to check out Diane's review on CraftyPod!

Added 2011:  Joanie has closed her Stitch village shop but is offering her beautiful embroidery patterns right here!

What a totally sweet post you

What a totally sweet post you did Pam! I love the little hearts you made from her daughter's sweet freebie pattern! Adorable!

Hope you have a splendid week sweet friend!

Oh, I just LOVE those

Oh, I just LOVE those mushrooms and the gorgeous doll! I must must must do more sewing!!!!

Pam, what can I say? What a

Pam, what can I say? What a kind and I might add thorough review! I am sooooo happy you join me for long walks and happy that we can share our milestones with each other. Doesn't even feel like you're thousands of miles away. Your lovely voice speaks to me like you're right next door. Thank you friend :)