Sweet and Easy (Not So) Sweet Treats!

I am taking a quick break from "recycle month" because I just got word from Diane that my brand new e-book (Not So) Sweets is now available in her CraftyPod shop

Some of my all time favorite desserts are included - Cream Puffs, Mousse, Panna Cotta and Linzer Cookies.  

I used to spend my entire allowance each week buying cream puffs at a little bakery that just happened to be on my way home from school!  But once I moved 500 miles away from that little bakery, I had to learn to make my own cream puffs!

And Panna Cotta - that was definitely love at first bite!  But I had a hard time finding it on dessert menus at restaurants so I learned to make it myself so I could have it when I wanted it instead of waiting until it appeared on a menu!

Now that I cook for family and friends with sugar restricted diets, I have worked to make sugar free and low sugar desserts that are just as yummy and delicious as the ones I used to make with sugar.  The fact that my sweetie can not tell if these deserts have been made with Splenda or with sugar is my measure of success!

Besides being almost sugar free, the good news about this selection of sweet treats is that they are easy to make!  I used to think that Cream Puffs just had to be difficult to make.  They are NOT!  Cream Puffs are easy to make.  And so is Panna Cotta and Cheese Blintz and Chocolate Mousse!

I made a point of adding three cookies to this book. Who doesn't love cookies? And think how much they would be missed if you couldn't have them - especially at Christmas!  I am thrilled that after much recipe tweaking I am finally able to make yummy Christmas cookies for my daughter once again! And I have recently discovered that low sugar cookies are very welcome on cookie trays I deliver to office parties.

All measurements are given in US and in metric.  And tips for working with sugar substitutes like Splenda, notes about the best chocolates to use when trying to reduce sugar in a recipe, and a tutorial for making crepes are all included.

(Not So) Sweets is available - as it happens, just in time for Easter  -  in Diane's CraftyPod Shop where you can read more about the book and view the table of contents.  Visit CraftyPod to read about the book from Diane's perspective.  But as you are reading, keep in mind that she has failed to mention her roll in making this little book a reality.

(Not So) Sweets
is a collaboration!  I created, tested and photographed the recipes, but Diane is the editor, designer and publisher, cheer leader and holds the enviable position of being "first taster".  Without her efforts, talents, and encouragement, this little book would not exist.

I hope you'll enjoy baking with less sugar!

Pam, I don't know how I

Pam, I don't know how I missed this post of yours! I love cream puffs!! Growing up my oldest sister would always make these. I soon learned how to make them myself, but my memories of them will always be her making them! I'll have to check out your recipe! Thanks for another trip down memory lane!

Yaaaay! It was so much fun

Yaaaay! It was so much fun making this ebook with you! Especially the eating-yummy-things part. :-)

Way to go, Pam! This looks

Way to go, Pam! This looks fantastic.

You would be right at home in

You would be right at home in all the pastry shops of Italy, France and Germany!!!!! Over in Europe they don't use artificial ingredients like here in North America. It is all really good quality ingredients. Organic isn't so much a fad there as it has been a way of life since forever.

Very tempting photos, too!

I'm so excited about your

I'm so excited about your ebook! And I LOVE Linzer cookies! I made them for the first time this year, and they have to be in my top 5 of all time cookies (of course, it doesn't hurt that they have all my favorite ingredients from the other top 5 cookies... all of which are also scandinavian!) So, guess what, you won one of the scrap packs I was giving away at CROQzine.com! Email me your address and I'll put one in the mail - do you prefer green or blue?