Easter Eggs Colored with Kool-Aid - Seeking Red Update!

After my first adventure dyeing eggs with kool-aid (which you can find here) I am still on a quest to find a Kool-Aid flavor that produces a pink or red egg!

I just HAD to see what happens in a Tropical Punch and a Cherry bath!

Tropical punch is on the left and cherry on the right!  There is no difference!  The color is closer to red - not red red but closer than I was before.

And, I also found that red dyes are more likely to stain fingers when peeling the egg than the other colors!  No wonder the red dyes are so popular among those who dye yarn with Kool-Aid!

I did learn one little trick I wanted to share!

Apparently the conveyor belts used to transport eggs during packing leave a bit of residue on the egg surface which prevents even coverage.

Since vinegar IS a long established household cleaner, I decided to see if it would remove the deposits so I could get more even color.  I rubbed the entire egg surface with a vinegar soaked rag. The egg on the upper left is the result!  No conveyor belt marks! 

I am thinking that you could probably put a bit of vinegar in the water you boil the eggs in to save time?  Maybe?

OR - use free range eggs that are locally raised.  I understand that commercially raised and processed eggs often have chemicals and residues on the surface that will interfere with how well the egg accepts the color.

It can also affect the actual color results as well.

Don't toss out the egg shells!  Make Mosaic eggs! Find out how here!

pink lemon aid with a little

pink lemon aid with a little cherry will give you a pink color and cherry should give you red

Love this!Tried it with the

Love this!Tried it with the kids for mothers day to add to their little present hampers!

I just use food colouring and

I just use food colouring and vinegar ( we dont get kool aid in australia) or wilton cake decorating dyes

I have really enjoyed

I have really enjoyed watching your experiments into coloring eggs with Kool Aid. Have you tried the Black Cherry flavor for a red color? Its a bit darker than the regular cherry. Just curious.

You know Teri!  That is a

You know Teri!  That is a really good suggestion!  I don't know why i never thought to try it.  But you can bet I will now!  Thank you!