Spring is Almost Here Giveaway!

To celebrate that spring is almost here and Easter is right around the corner, I decided to have a little GIVEAWAY!

You may remember the Chocolate House Diane and I had so much fun building at Christmas!

All the cool pink decorations were made using modeling chocolate!  And let me tell you, modeling chocolate is a lot of fun to play with! 

We had a ball putting the house together but once we started playing with the pink modeling chocolate - well... we could have easily spent hours and hours making objects and decorations with the stuff!

So, since we had so much fun working with the modeling chocolate, I decided to share the fun with the lucky winner of my Spring giveaway!

I am giving away this Modeling Chocolate Kit from Chocolate Craft Kits here in Portland!  And locals - The Chocolate Craft Studio will be officially open for Easter crafting on March 22nd!  Peggy will have several Easter projects available to choose from.  Studio time is free with the purchase of a kit!

The Giveaway kit includes 12 squares of modeling chocolate in 10 different colors, 8 miniature cutters, Wondertool and instructions! 

There is enough modeling chocolate to decorate two cakes or two chocolate houses!  OR a bunch of Easter cupcakes!

Kids of all ages will have fun with this!

The booklet includes instructions for making little creatures like dinosaurs, butterflies, mice, race cars, catapillar, lady bugs, snowmen and bunnies!  There is a recipe for making your own modeling chocolate and hints for using the Wondertool and making textures and using the cutters.

To enter:  Leave a comment on this post telling me (since this IS recycle month on Gingerbread Snowflakes)  your favorite material  for reuse/recycle.  Mine - right now - is tin cans and I can't wait to share what I have been doing!

Be sure to leave me an e-mail address so I can notify the winner!

Giveaway will end at midnight on Wednesday, March 24th.

So sorry, but I must limit entries to the USA.

Good Luck everyone!



I like to repurpose all kinds

I like to repurpose all kinds of things when I craft. Cardboard is commonly used in all sorts of ways at my house. I also save nearly every box, container, can and bottle I purchase. Thanks to the power of bleach, I can even reuse the styrofoam that my meat comes packaged in. I have a few books on crafting with everyday household supplies, and these helpers constantly get me started thinking of new and different ways I can use items to make something fun or functional for the home.
Oh, this modeling chocolate looks sweet (pun intended)

I love to reuse plastic

I love to reuse plastic packaging on my Cricut. It cuts out some adorable shapes in plastic.


Aaahhhh!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the socks on your abominable snow man!!

But I'm hear for the chocolate so...my fav recycle is cardboard boxes. Let me count the ways I use them for shelving, sorting, wrappign presents, drawer organizers, craft projects (dioramas are big at my house), etc. They are so nice to cover with paper and decorate or glue fabric on to match the kitchen curtains, or whatever! No box ever leaves my house in the same shape it entered.

And I am so glad you went to teh chocolate studio. I have been meaning to try it out, and now have "proof" for my girlfriends that it's a worthy outing for one of our girl-dates.

Hoep i win!


This weekend, I went to a

This weekend, I went to a thrift shop and bought a super gaudy tablecloth that I'm going to make into reusable bags for Xmas presents and I also bought a king sheet that I will make a skirt or two out of and probably also some reusable bags! Thanks to your daughter and her MIL, I now have a sewing machine, so I'm really into sewing projects right now.

I had missed the post about

I had missed the post about the Christmas house you made from the modeling chocolate -- what a fun-looking product! I'm afraid I'd be tempted to eat it before it actually became decorations, though!

I have a closet full of things I'm saving for re-use, but I think I'm probably with you on the tin cans being my favorite. My kitty's canned food tins are an especially nice size, since they're small enough to cover with just about anything, & they make useful, pretty containers once covered.

Lately, I've been making

Lately, I've been making things out of old t shirts. A while back, I made a huge quilt out of our concert t shirts, and I've been making lots of tote bags, to haul groceries and library books around in.

My favorite recycling

My favorite recycling material is glass jars/bottles. I can't seem to throw a glass jar or bottle away. I -must- use it to store something, or etch it and use it as a vase, or make a candle out of it or...... Now I'm even starting to look at plastic jars LOL!

I want! I want! Will I eat

I want! I want! Will I eat them before I can play with them? (NO! I'm a professional, even though I don't know anything.) You are very kind and generous. I'm going to make Alice In Wonderland and a Cheshire Cat with mine. There. I said it.

On the off chance that someone else wins, I guess they can make whatever they want.

Now, my favorite thing to recycle is cardboard. I have saved a bunch of uniform sized cardboard pieces from shipping, and I'm going to make a board book out of them. I also use cardboard right now in my hand-made journal as covers. ATC sized cardboard pieces make great ATCs that can just be put on the wall in cool groupings as decor. I also like using thinner pieces of cardboard to cut into shapes for pigment ink stamping. Did you know that, if you're good, you can have your own cardboard dangly earrings? give them some weight with charms, beads, paint them pretty, punch a hole for the hook and glaze it, and you've got a lightweight earring that can be any color you want!

Cardboard is a GREAT base for Modeling Chocolate Cheshire Cats!!

I'll be fine in a minute.

I love watching them using

I love watching them using the modeling chocolate on Cake Boss, how fun to try it at home.

My favorite item to recycle is ribbon. We are always getting some on a gift or in a package and my daughter loves to create new things with it.

Oooooo this is soooooo neat!

Oooooo this is soooooo neat! We love chocolate-and play-doh-best of both worlds!!

My favorite reuse material at the moment is old sweaters and socks-I do two things
1. Unravel and reuse the yarn into something cute for the girls or
2. Felt and make "pat" books, coasters and project boards with it!

Fingers crossed!!

Our fave thing to reuse is

Our fave thing to reuse is Cardboard food packaging. Cereal, oatmeal, and pizza boxes are easy to cut but also sturdy. We make paper dolls, doll houses, and all kinds of stuff out of them! :)

Both my kids have an

Both my kids have an invention center in their class rooms, so I'm always looking at packaging and items that would go into the trash with a new eye. I love sending in the mesh bags that fruit comes in, unusually shaped plastic packaging, tiny boxes, pen/marker lids, tubes. All these things get made into new and exciting play things held together with masking tape.

Oh how I would love to play with that modeling chocolate! Thanks Pam!

Wow! Amazing prize! I'm sure

Wow! Amazing prize! I'm sure my kiddos would love "crafting" with (more like eating) that awesome modeling chocolate! :)

I am most successful recycling old clothing, but I have a hard time throwing things like milk caps and TP rolls away!!

p.s. I am going to promote your contest to all my online friends! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

I recycle lots of things:

I recycle lots of things: paper bags, plastic bags, cardboard boxes (there are many things you can make with these), and tin cans. I really like tin cans because they can be painted for any holiday (Santa, bunnies, chicks, jack-o-lanterns), or they can be decorated to hold a gift, or used as a basket.

Mt favorite recycle material

Mt favorite recycle material right now is popsicle sticks and I always recycle paper.
Gee, my grands would LOVE this. Thanks for having a give away of such a fun item Pam. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Update - I realized that I

Update - I realized that I forgot to include my water bottle bracelet made with glass marbles so here it is now if you'd like to take a look: http://cynchronicity.wordpress.com/2010/03/19/marbles-water-bottles-fabu...

I don't qualify for the

I don't qualify for the giveaway since I'm not in the US but I will share with you my current favourite recycling material. It's plastic bottles (like water bottles). I have been making bracelets out of them and am having so much fun experimenting with them. I just got out my box of felt so I can try Diane's take on them too! Here are my two links to what I've done with them so far: http://cynchronicity.wordpress.com/2010/03/17/the-latest-water-bottle-br... http://cynchronicity.wordpress.com/2010/03/07/water-bottle-bracelets-a-l... (this one has a link to a video tutorial on making them too)
I do have some pop cans that I've saved and washed out and they are waiting for my experiments next!

My favorite material to

My favorite material to recycle is old denim jeans or clothing or even the lighter weight denim type material. I make rag quilts with them. Sometimes the backing material is old flannel shirts or an old flannel duvet cover. Sometimes I buy flannel or quilt cottons for the back if I am looking for a particular theme or color. I have gotten quite the reputation for these, people look forward to them for baby gifts, or wedding presents or birthdays.