Giving Tuna Cans a New Lease on Life!

I am inviting you on another adventure recycling tin cans!
  This time I started with tuna fish cans.

I removed the rim using the same technique as I used in the previous post

Don't forget to wear goggles and thick gloves.

Using a Shaprie, I first marked the rim into four parts and then divided each section onto six little sections as shown.

Tuna cans are really easy to cut so cutting the little slits where marked went very quickly.

I used needle nose pliers to gently bend every other section downward into a slight curve.

So far, so good!  What if I turn the can upside down?

That works too!  Looks like it would be right at home on a tudor table! 

Hummmmmm.  Where else could I go with this?  I remembered how attracted I am to tin work designs created by making a series of very thin cuts.  Usually the cuts are much longer resulting in beautifully coiled thin ribbons of tin. 

Looked promising!

Still needed more, so I cut the curved sections too.

(The ink, by the way, can be removed using rubbing alcohol.) 

Much better!  Now all I had to do was tweak and tease the little tin slices here and there.

Diane was curious whether the pieces were sharp. The first thing she did when she arrived on Sunday to craft with me was to touch it! 

She was surprised to find they weren't as sharp as she expected.  These should be handled with care, of course, and I reccommend keeping them out of the reach of small children.

I started playing around with a can of sweetened condensed milk sitting in my pantry since it was the only can in the house that had no ridges!  And just so you know, the product is still in the can!  I taped the label back on after playing! 

Just got my hands on a little olive can that also doesn't have ridges allowing me to have candles at different heights.

Still having fun!  Reminds me of those heavy 70's  Mediterranean candle sticks!

I am definitely making more of these!


This is a great

This is a great tutorial.
Would be fun to make with teens.
Thank you so much for the share.
Love your tutorials!

Wow Pam, so very

Wow Pam, so very eye-catching! Never in a million years would I have thought to do this. Am having a great time catching up on your blog and Diane's this afternoon... am listening to her podcast as I type. :-)

Pam, we always have canned

Pam, we always have canned tuna around the house! With all these hypoglycemics in the family, tuna is one of our fast-food basics. I have a feeling I might be looking for some metal snips in the future. You're a terrible influence! ;-)

Oh my Pam you've been so busy

Oh my Pam you've been so busy again. These are so much fun. I would have done the same thing as Diane, I was thinking they might be sharp. Is it hard to cut them? I would imaging the tins would be hard to cut through?

I love your frame too! I must find some of that fantastic glue.

Oh, Pam, that`s very

Oh, Pam, that`s very interesting idea! Will definitely try to make these!!!

This is amazing. I never

This is amazing. I never would have thought they were tuna cans. Looked like grassy spring decorations to me. Really a brilliant idea.

Love this creation! The edges

Love this creation! The edges are so full of movement. I've got to try this!

They look great. Sharp edges

They look great. Sharp edges came to my mind too...suprised that they are not as one would expect. Do you have a mini blow torch? That would add interesting colour effects.

Look forward to seeing what else you create.

Your idea of using a blow

Your idea of using a blow torch to create a rainbow of colors on the little curled ribbons is brilliant!  Thank you for the great tip!  I think we have one Kirby wanted to use on my Cream Brule once!  (I stopped him just in time!)  I will give this a try.  Got a lot of tuna cans to play with!

What a GREAT

What a GREAT idea!!!!!!!!
Your mind must be working all the time!

OMG!!!! This is

OMG!!!! This is GENIUS!!

PATENT these!!

I'm so sad. We only have one tuna can in the house tonight. But tomorrow... I'm having Cathie go to the grocery!