Chocolate Craft-y Party!

Portland's "super crafty" spent Saturday morning at the Chocolate Craft Studio playing with chocolate!

Before I share the projects and fun, introductions are in order!  So from left to right:

Sally - Pollywogs Cake Walk;  Diane - Crafty Pod;  Heather - Dollar Store Crafts:  Holly - Art, Meet Craft:  Susan - West Coast Crafty:  Lee - Do Stuff Leethal Blog:  Kathy - Gelatin Sheets

And this lovely lady, Peggy Alter, our generous and gracious host for the morning - the creative genius behind Chocolate Craft Studio and Chocolate Craft Kits.

Peggy began the morning by bringing out tray after tray of all manner of shapes cut from chocolate and then gave us a quick tutorial on working with chocolate.

You will definitely want to go over to the special Flickr pool Susan set up where we are all posting pictures!

Peggy was incredibly generous - offering us anything from her case our hearts desired.

A closer peek into the case to see all the chocolaty goodness!

Once projects had been selected, everyone settled in and things got serious!

I am taking you on a little journey around the table to give you a closer look at the crafty play going on!

We will start with Sally!

I didn't get a final shot of Sally's little bunny house, but Diane did on her story of the day!Be sure to go over and see it!

Kathy began her morning swiriling designs on the paper pad with chocolate "glue"! Once hard they became butterfly wings!

Kathy had fun playing with both the modeling chocolate and  chocolate glazes.  Check the Flickr group to see the final shots of her bunny!

Susan's project selections reflected her childhood memories of chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies.

Susan used white chocolate "glue" towrite her daughter Pearl's name on the egg.! 

Heather, like Susan, made special goodies for her children's Easter baskets.

A closer look at Heather's little boat!

Lee also must have had sailing vessels on her mind! 

Lee's totally cool Easter sculpture!

Holly created a beautiful Easter flower using a chocolate flower pot and several of the chocolate sculptural pieces Peggy provided.

A few details added with a bit of modeling chocolate.

Diane - was also into the chocolate flower pot but made many of her flowers using modeling chocolate.  She loves playing with modeling chocolate!


 Peggy taught us to make wee bunnies from modeling chocolate!  See how it is done on the flickr group!

Now this is some serious Easter Chocolate!

Peggy's Chocolate Craft Studio is open for spring break through EasterDetails here

Contact Peggy to set up a baby shower, bachelorette party, girls night out, team building party or birthday celebration! To view other project possibilities, visit Diane and me as we make chocolate boxes and a chocolate house!

And those of you not living in Portland can still have all the fun of playing with chocolate!  Order one of Peggy's kits!




AHHH! Too fun! Crafty

AHHH! Too fun! Crafty girlfriends AND chocolate!!! Who can top that? I must join you all on your next adventure...or at least smile from the sidelines:) I think its so great that you all get together and have fun. And double great that you linked to these ladies lovely blogs so we can get to know them better. I had no idea so many great craft-bloggers lived in my neighborhood!

I really must get over there to visit. Thank you Pam!


So nice to meet everyone!

So nice to meet everyone! What a wonderful idea too. I wish I lived nearby - I would've joined in. How fun!

These pictures are making my mouth water. I love how everyone's is different and so creative. Mine would've had a slight nibble out of the corner. :)

Pam I haven't visited for

Pam I haven't visited for ages, I am bad. But look at what naughty things await me! These looks amazing and it looks like you had such a fun day, happy Easter xx

Pam, I really LOVED the

Pam, I really LOVED the intimacy of this post, showing us who everyone is, then each of their pieces, and the great links here! You really rocked this one. Everyone looks like they are having SO much fun! Cool.

Wow, talk about artistic

Wow, talk about artistic expression!!! Your Blog overfloweth with it. Everything looks gorgeous.

OK - I have to start by

OK - I have to start by saying how fabulous all this looks, and I'm not even a big chocolate person! ;) What fun! I'm amazed by all the cool stuff you can do with chocolate - who knew!?

Now I have to say how much my heart is aching to see you all again. That picture up top made me smile *and* made my gut hurt. I guess since it's been a year since our big Portland weekend, I'm just "friendsick" for my PDX pals. Must find a way to get back up there pronto!

Love y'all so much!
XOXOXO from Texas,

Yes, Rachel, you DO need to

Yes, Rachel, you DO need to find a way to get back up to Portland.  We are your people!  And we miss you - a-LOT.

Okay... it's a good thing I'm

Okay... it's a good thing I'm NOT on a diet, I would have blown it just by looking at all these chocolate creations!!!! But you know what you've done, don't you?? You've made my mouth water that I MUST. GO. FIND. CHOCOLATE. NOW!!!!!! You've awakened the chocolate munching beast, that's what.

Looks like you all had so much fun!!! Just in time for Easter, too.

Yummy looking fun! I can

Yummy looking fun! I can smell it from here!!