Tutorial for hanging your Mod Podge Lanterns

This little tutorial is for Meg!  She wrote me asking how to make the hanging system for the little Mod Podge lanterns.

Thank you for asking, Meg.  I never thought about that part!  I was way too excited playing with my Mod Podge!

So... here is a simple way to make a hanger for your lanterns!

Tools are simple! 

1. I like to use 16 gage wire because it is still fairly easy to bend but it holds it's shape well.

2. Wire cutters and needle nose pliers.

3. I always like to suggest wearing eye protection and gloves when working with wire.  You just never know where little bits of wire might wind up!

Cut a length of wire that will wrap around the top of the candle twice plus extra for the hanging loop.  Be generous in your estimating!

Plop the double loop of wire down over the jar opening.

Bend the long end of the wire 90 degrees.  Do this very close to the jar.

Make a bend in the other end of the long wire - mine is about 1 1/2" from bend to tip of wire.

Catch the loop you just made under the two wire loops surrounding the opening.

Now using your fingers and the needle nose pliers, if needed, bring the loop wire around behind the hanger and bend and twist into a nice little "knot" as shown.

On the opposite side of the opening, draw the wires tightly against the surface of the jar and create another little twisted knot as you see was done on the right side in this image.

Take special care when pulling your wires snugly to be sure that your wires are positioned below the jar threads so the wire handle won't slip off during use.  Some parts of the wire may not be under the thread, but most of it should be.  Test before making that final knot.




Very cool! Thanks fo sharing.

Very cool! Thanks fo sharing. Can't wait to try it.

This is very cool idea. Thank

This is very cool idea. Thank you for sharing. I am going to have to try these for sure.

I made several of these

I made several of these yesterday for Mother's Day gifts. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful idea! I am addicted now and looking around my stash for the next thing to tint!E

Oh, my ... I love the vision

Oh, my ... I love the vision that you had of the spring time colors and then it came true! I'll be having me some Modge Podge fun tonight. Now I have an excuse to collect jars ... oh, and vases - what a grand idea!

I love these!! I want to use

I love these!! I want to use this idea next year when I attempt to teach a craft to 25 ladies!! Would you mind?

OH my goodness!!! I just

OH my goodness!!! I just love love love these. Thanks to The Thrifty Mama for sharing a post about this. My home is decorated with antiques and primitives but every home needs a little whimsy!! I have a back patio that has been craving some creative lighting...now I have little wheels in motion! Thanks so much for your beautiful creativity!


Wouldn't this look cute with

Wouldn't this look cute with some glass beads strung here and there on the wire? I love your ideas, thank you!

I totally dreamt about these

I totally dreamt about these last night...I think that's a sign I need to make some :O)