Recycle A Cardboard Canister into A Treasure Box

I am not sure yet what I am going to store in my new box!  Maybe beach treasures, maybe embroidery floss, crafty supplies....  Who knows!  What I do know is that I love my new treasure box!

The whole thing started when I won Heather's giveaway recently on Dollar Store Crafts.  The prize - a packet of micellaneous bits and pieces of paper scraps from a little place called Scrap!

I don't mind telling you - I had absolutely no idea what I would be doing with this collection of materials! 

Then Heather not only posted a stash busting challenge for the month of April (use only materials we already have on hand for our April crafty projects), but she also took the time to share 15 really good ways to do that here at Croqzine.

Then she proceeded to follow up a few days later with a list of lots and lots of really great ideas for stash busting all over the crafty universe!

And then, right while I am in the middle of singing her praises as I write this, she posts this new stash busting challenge!  I can't keep up with this woman!

I decided that there was no better time to break into that little kit and make something useful no matter how challenged and unsure of myself I was feeling!

All of a sudden I remembered that I had been wanting an excuse to try another of the weaving techniques in Diane's e-book, "Weaving Un-loomed"

What I have been especially enjoying about this book is that it is so much more than a collection of projects.  Diane devotes three whole chapters to revealing the secrets of weaving!  I learn something new every time I read her book, and I almost always get inspired to make another project.

The other thing I love about her book is that while providing step by step tutorials for each of the projects she designed for the book, she is also giving you the tools to branch out into your own creative adventures!

To be honest, I would probably never make woven jewelry!  But I would make woven Christmas Tree ornaments!

And I did!  The tools Diane gave me in the jewelry tutorial translated perfectly into these little trees!  I am thinking the leftovers from the Scrap kit would be perfect for making more!

My treasure box idea came directly from Diane's lovely little pillow project!

This is my "loom"!  A large size oatmeal box from my famous "trash stash" warped with leftover yarn from my yarn stash.

And here is my completed weaving!  Using Heather's Scrap kit for my weft and Diane's inspiration for weaving without a loom!

Oh!  Almost forgot the little lid!  I glued on a disk of one of my favorite papers from the kit and then "embroidered" around the edge!

These are inexpensive to make and well within the ability of any child over ten.  Why not let your children make their own treasure boxes this summer!






Okay, dammit. I'm going to

Okay, dammit. I'm going to have to put my foot down.

No more amazingness! Stop it!!

I swear, if it were legal, I would marry this canister.

Hmmm.... we can only buy

Hmmm.... we can only buy oatmeal in plastic bags... but I need the box.. I`ll go shpping tomorrow and look for the box.. don`t care what`s inside :D
I want this treasure box in my bedroom :)

Wow, I love your creativity,

Wow, I love your creativity, Pam! :-D You did something completely different with Diane's projects, how brillant!

I would even add that this little crafty box would make a great holder for pens and brushes. :-) You made me realize that I may need some new ones for my brand new studio place.

Thank you! I may just try weaving, this summer. :-)

These are ingenious! A lovely

These are ingenious! A lovely way to use those beautiful scraps. I'm sure you'll have no shortage of treasure and goodies to store in it.

This is wonderful! the ideas

This is wonderful! the ideas you come up with are amazing!!

You know, you could probably do something smilar with photo you print out on copier paper. You would recreate the portrait or flower with the weaving of consecutive strips under your string. It could make a very intersting effect :)


Yes, the challenging has

Yes, the challenging has reached epic levels this month! Ha ha ha, I must be insane! :) I love your woven oatmeal box - how long did it take? I really like the paper you chose for the lid, too!

I don't mind saying I would have absolutely no idea of what to do with the little paper pack, myself! I really like the idea of the woven Christmas ornaments, though!