Busted Again! More Trash and More Stash!

Unlike so many of you, I don't have a huge stash of fabrics!  Every scrap I have (except for the felt collection  of course) fits into this lovely box which measures 15"X15"X15".  I don't have much room left for new fabrics, so I had the idea that it would be really helpful if I had a separate container for the small bits and scraps that accumulate following every project.

The projects I am about to share are not unique or new or original!  But they have been a great way to put some of my reuseful cardboard canisters to work.  Some of my inspiration came from this post on Craftstylish!

But before we move on to my canisters, stop reading and follow this link to Lee's fabulous and brilliant cubbies for her yarn stash created from cardboard canisters!  She shares the how-to on her blog Do Stuff Leethal Blog.

Wall art and wall storage all in one!  And guess what!!

YAY!  I have the beginnings of a yarn wall storage unit in my trash stash!

And just feast you eyes on this cardboard canister I found in my stash!  This was a Yuban coffee container if any one wants to know!  And since we have to purchase several of these a year for a club luncheon we host, I am thinking they would translulate into Lee's brilliant cubbies beautifully!

And the shiny surfaces should reflect the yarn colors all over the place! Psychedelic yarn cubbies!

However, today we are working with something a little less exciting - but every bit as useful - a very large size coffee creamer canister.

I am making a bin for storing all the odd tiny fabric scraps I have been saving. To decorate the outside of the canister, I cut some of my fabric scraps into tiny little triangles.

Since I have fabrics that represent all four seasons, I thought it would be fun to divide my canister into four parts (seasons) and fill each section with fabrics that say "spring"!  Or "fall".  You get the idea!

My scrap canister can be turned with the seasons!

I  need to make another - I can tell that already!  First I cut way too many scraps into little triangles, so I have plenty to cover another canister!  And my scraps have nearly filled this one to the brim!

This project is so easy, easy, easy!

Besides the cardboard canister, you need fabric scraps, a brush and both Fabric and Regular Mod Podge. ( I prefer matte Mod Podge)

Working one section at a time, cover the canister surface with a coat of Fabric Mod Podge.  Arrange your scraps, pressing them into the wet Mod Podge.  Fabric Mod Podge seems to me to dry more quickly than the regular formula, so you may need to reapply in areas where you notice the fabric isn't sticking.

Let each section dry before moving on to the next

Spring, summer and winter! 

After applying your fabrics to the entire surface, let the canister dry several hours.

Fall ( and spring) are my favorites!

Once the canister has dried for a few hours, apply a coat of Fabric Mod Podge to the entire surface to seal and protect and prevent fraying.  Let dry overnight.

Apply a second coat using Fabric Mod Podge if you like a really glossy finish.  I prefer a satin finish, so I applied a coat of Regular Mod Podge - matte. Let dry overnight. 

Your scrap canister is ready for duty!

I hid this one at the end so no one would pass out thinking they had missed summer!

Love this fabric left over from sewing Sofia's apron and hat to wear while she decorated her gingerbread house. Perfect to cover a few of my saved canisters from the trash stash!  These will be great for holding cookies, candy and treats during the winter holidays! Also great as gift containers for home made goodies!

I simply measured the height and circumference of the can and cut my fabric just a bit larger to allow turn unders and overlaps.

Then I glued the fabric to the canister surface with Fabric Mod Podge, let dry, applied two more coats and sealed with acrylic spray because I am thinking a sticky finger or two may come in contact with the canister once and a while!

I wish you could see my holiday canisters in person!  Very cheerful! I can't wait to use them!

These canisters are gorgeous!

These canisters are gorgeous! I think I need to find some fabric Modge Podge. A friend gave me some canisters from tea that he bought in China and they're looking a bit battered and worn. What a great idea!

Okay, you have given me a

Okay, you have given me a great way to organize my fabric. I have very little, as well, but the way it's all stuffed in a tote bag just makes it harder to use when I want to!

I've never used Fabric Mod Podge. Hmmm.. this is definitely worth a try, even if I don't have time to use my sewing machine right now, I can make use of some fabric scraps. Great idea. I'm actually ordering some swatches of fabric from my own designs from Spoonflower, so having a dedicated container just for my original swatches instead of having them in with the other fabrics would make me feel more...well... HAPPY.

You are rocking the planet right now, sister friend!

Oh those are awesome! We have

Oh those are awesome! We have been saving baby formula canisters to reuse and planned on covering with either scrapbook paper or a solid piece of fabric. I love the decoupaging!

Your canisters are great. I

Your canisters are great. I like your idea of cutting the fabric into triangles. I have never made them this way. I have made many of these. I have a whole bin of the empty ones, just waiting to use. Thanks for sharing!

These canisters are great! I

These canisters are great! I really can't decide if I like your examples made from various fabrics or the peppermint stick cans you made! How very handy!

Wonderful idea! Now what do

Wonderful idea!

Now what do you do with a really favourite piece of fabric you really, really don't want to cut up?
Xerox it of course!!!! You can get a paper version of your fabric and use that to cover up the container(s) instead of cutting that beautiful fabric you'd like to save for another project.

Or you could use the xeroxed sheets of fabric, to "preview" how a fabric will look used in a project before you cut the real fabric, in case you change your mind.

Writing to you from Geneva, Switzerland. Arrived later than I was supposed to and now I'm going to catch up on my sleep. Had to comment on another great post, though :)

Love this, Pam! And what I

Love this, Pam!

And what I *really* love is that I can see scraps from various projects you and Diane have shared over the last few years. Such a fun way to have little memories of those projects nearby. :)

OH.MY.GOSH!!! I cannot

OH.MY.GOSH!!! I cannot believe this!!! Pam, Pam, Pam! Now I know what to do with all those little scraps I have been saving for years!!! For that 'someday project'. 'Someday just arrived! I even have some modge podge. Now I need to go find a container, well, I will wait till I get back to WIS where the scraps and modge podge are.

Thank you so much for this post!!!!!!!!!! I just love these.

One of my readers sent me to

One of my readers sent me to this link, and I find my awesome friend Pam! I'm sharing this link on Facebook! These are fabulous! xo