Busted One More Time! Sewing Notion Storage from My Crafty Stash

A little mushroom village designed to hold my sewing notions and buttons,

'cause after all, 20 years is long enough of this!

I started out with these... from - you know - my famous trash stash!

The inspiration, instructions and pattern came from this most excellent e-book written by Joan of Nini Makes.  I wasn't kidding when I told you in my review of Stitch Village that I had several canisters I would be repurposing into mushrooms this spring!

Wasn't planning on making quite so many at the time - but one mushroom led to another and another....

How could anyone not want to make at least one of these charming, whimsical mushrooms? 

Joan provides the patterns at 100%, and this time I speak from experience - her written instructions backed up with photographs are perfect!  Her mushrooms couldn't be easier to make!

After completing a couple of them, I got the idea to make a whole village to house the sewing notions.  And because I worked only from my stash - this is April and that is what we are ALL doing - I was forced to  improvise a bit here and there!

Which is good because it led to making morel mushrooms out of that mustardy brown felt I have had hanging around for as long as those notions have been stuck in those bags!  And when I ran out of that and still needed one more mushroom - I turned to my felt-y, fuzzy Pendleton white wool.  Perfect for a puff ball!

The only part of this project that really worried me was how in the world I would be able to embroider the names of the contents on the little signs over the doors!  I am not exactly skilled with embroidery - Diane could embroider rings around me by the time she was 12 yrs.

And then out of nowhere came this brilliant thought!  Why not tack on a little bit of the contents!  Meet Fasteners and Seam Tape!

Big Fancy Buttons and Little Fancy Buttons!

Don't you just love Joan's little doors?  I had to make every single one of those the same.  Those little hearts just kill me! And those little bitty buttons - sigh!

Joan suggested using white glue for parts of this project; however, I turned to my Fabric Mod Podge and it did a fabulous job!  I am rapidly falling in love with that stuff!

Here is my future Gracie doll!  I expect to have her ready to join me for the Winter Holidays!

Thank you Joan, for giving me permission to use the images from Stitch Village. And thank you even more for my lovely Mushroom Village.  I am very much looking forward to making my Gracie doll.

Your little village is one of

Your little village is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! DARLING! You are SO talented and creative!

Too adorably cute! I can

Too adorably cute! I can hardly stand it!

ahh, cute! love the heart

ahh, cute! love the heart windows. (followed the link on DSC to get here :))

Spotted your project on

Spotted your project on Dollar Store Crafts. This is absolutely brilliant. I love using stashes of jars and cans for projects like these.

Okay, I lied. I'm linking to

Okay, I lied. I'm linking to the project THIS week!

OMG, these are adorable! I

OMG, these are adorable! I love the little flower in the window especially, I can't stop looking at it.

Thanks for sharing.


Hey Pam, I love your mushroom

Hey Pam,
I love your mushroom village, you did a terrific job embellishing.
I would love to do this at school but I think I'll have to pre sew the tops.
Thanks so much for the pattern source and the inspiration. I'm sure you could turn out a Christmas version as well!
Take care

Oh Gail!  I didn't even think

Oh Gail!  I didn't even think about the possibility of a Christmas village!  Can you believe that!  But just think how cute a holiday shroom village would be under the tree - maybe with a railroad running around it!  Presents could even be tucked inside!  I love your idea!  Thanks so much.  I will pass this along to Joanie!

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

Pam!! I love these! These

Pam!! I love these! These are so expertly crafted and they are warm and inviting, and perfect for storage. I have a trash stash just waiting for this kind of treatment. Maybe by 2011? Love the variety of your color choices... and variety of mushrooms! HA!

What a great way to have an

What a great way to have an organizing space and a display all in one. I am inspired by all your creative AND attractive storage solutions as you craft from what you have on hand!

Pam that is just too cute...

Pam that is just too cute... we cover ours with regular fabric but this is adorable.

Awesome use, I love the

Awesome use, I love the mushroom village! All the details, so wonderful.

Oh!!! I love your mushroom

Oh!!! I love your mushroom village!! I don't have any canisters and I want some now. I love how yours turned out.

Oh my gosh, these are so

Oh my gosh, these are so adorable!! Love 'em! I will link to this project this week at Dollar Store Crafts.

Cute, cute, cute! Almost

Cute, cute, cute! Almost retro-y feel (you know where I am coming from) and soooo fun!
You are very near to inspiring me to tidy my stash!

What an adorable mushroom

What an adorable mushroom village. Great work.

Pam you are a craft master! I

Pam you are a craft master! I love everything about your mushroom village. The the little decorations for identification are a brilliant idea and the colours from your stash are perfect - your stitching is fabulous too.
I'm going to see if we get Fabric Modge Podge here in the UK, it's hard enough to get the normal one here.
Thanks for the lovely comments about the ebook once again, it's so fun to see the projects come to life for other people.

Oh Joanie, I am so glad you

Oh Joanie, I am so glad you liked the Mushrooms!  You have always been a huge inspiration for me ever since I first found your blog. 

I did luck out with me stash, didn't I!  I have almost given that mustard felt away so many times - who knew I would actually find it inspiring one day!

If your can't find Fabric or Outdoor Mod Podge - here is a link to a place in the US from which it can be orderded!

And here is a link to some alternatives for Mod Podge.  NOT great for fabric necessarily and won't hold up to the humidity out doors, but great for most projects calling for regular Mod podge.

I love your e-book.  And I am looking forward to crafting my way through it! Did I tell you I plan to make an ornament out of your Lykke horse?