Card, Paper, Ribbon - A Must Have in Every Crafty Library!

A great way to celebrate Earth Day?
  Order a copy of "Card, Paper, Ribbon" by Kristin Roach and create beautiful, useful items from all the greeting cards, and used ribbon and wrapping paper you have been diligently saving!

Did you know that you can make paper from greeting cards?  Or oilcloth like papercloth by bonding wrapping paper to fabric? Or crochet and knit bags and bowls using discarded curling ribbon and leftover yarn?

Kristin does a beautiful job of teaching you how to do all of this and much more! And you can get all this crafty, reuseful Earth Day goodness right hereAnd if you order before Sunday, April 25th, you not only will receive a discount but a free tutorial!  A $12.95 value for only $7.00! Check out Craftypod for details and the coupon code.

I just love this super strong crochet market bag created by using yarn and scraps of acetate curling ribbon.  I can't crochet but I can weave and I am thinking I could create a lovely woven market bag using Kristen's ideas and techniques.  But so many of you do crochet and a couple of these bags would make terrific, earth friendly gifts.

I can also knit - just barely but I have mastered the garter stitch!  So I will  definitely be playing with the lovely knitted bowl project- another of Kirsten's ideas for incorporating the acetate curling ribbon with yarn. My bowl, however, will be an Easter basket for next spring!

Kristen teaches each technique in a way that empowers you to be able to create projects that reflect your own style.  Of course, she also provides thorough, well illustrated, easy to understand instructions for making projects using each of the techniques she teaches in her book. 

For instance - the photo above of papercloth is only one of several options she offers for making this sturdy, vinyl like material.  This happens to be my favorite!  But you might prefer the results from using reverse applique, or masking, or stitching!  So many, many possibilities!

I love how this little zippered pouch turned out using reverse applique.  This is the back and I am showing it because this would be just the way I would make mine!

It seems to me that since this papercloth is so much like oilcloth and is relatively strong, it could be used as place mats.  Or by sewing several pieces together, you could make a great outdoor tablecloth!  See what I mean?  Kirsten is giving you the basics - a whole new tool chest of skills and techniques and then you can move on from there anywhere your mind takes you!

I am very excited to find the instructions for stab stitching a note book included in this e-book!  The stab stitched notebook is the project that Kirsten designed for using the paper made from greeting cards. Her instructions for making paper, which include how to make the deckle and mould, are well illustrated with photographs and are very clearly written. But honestly, I will probably never make paper: however, I definitely will make stab stitched notebooks.  There is no way to fail!  Kristen provides a step by step written guide accompanied by a diagram for the stitching sequence. And on top of that, she includes photos of the process.

More stuff I love about this e-book!

It is not designed around one craft, but rather it teaches basic technique in several crafty realms - paper making, notebook construction and stab stitching technique, papercloth making, and how to make a wallet and a zipper pouch, a market bag and a knitted bowl!  Patterns for the wallet and pouch are provided as well as detailed crochet pattern for the market bag and knitting instructions for the bowl.

Printer friendly pages accompany every technique and project.

Kirsten has included resource pages for Bookbinding and for Papermaking;  Crochet abbreviations and books to turn to for help and inspiration; Knitting abbreviations and on line tutorials and yarn sources; even a Papercloth QandA!

Anyone who owns this e-book will definitely turn to it over and over for inspiration and how-to information.

Be sure to visit Kristen on and join her in her quest to use resources wisely and give new life to "trash" we all accumulate. And take advantage of this opportunity to get your hands on Card, Paper, Ribbon and a crafty tutorial from Diane at Craftypod at a really great price! Diane says, it's a "screamin' Earth Day deal"! And it IS!



That book looks great! And

That book looks great! And speaking of that, I'm sorry to have been so remiss in telling you how lovely your own e-book is--that I was fortunate enough to win in Angie's giveaway. It's so beautifully done and filled with such yummy recipes. I've been so busy lately but now that things are calming down, I will start trying your recipes. Thank you.

Looks like a great idea book!

Looks like a great idea book! I have seen those crochet bags made with strips of grocery bags, but never thought of curling ribbon. I must say they are much prettier made from ribbon! I love mine - I find so many uses for it!