Butterfly and Ivy Wreath One Year Old!

Last year about this time I put together this little vine wreath for the front door.  My plan was for it to last through the summer and then to reuse the wreath as a base for a fall themed wreath.

But, when fall came, it was still growing and looking beautiful! So, just before the first frost, I brought it inside with the faint hope I could winter it over.

And here it is - back on my front door for another summer!  Those two little canisters I used to hold water really worked great!

My wreath one year ago! I never dreamed the ivy would not only survive but continue to grow with their little feet in that tiny bit of water!

I have a few old film canisters laying around - imagine that!  So I poked a little hole in the lid just big enough for a couple stems.  Plant staking wire does a great job of securing the canister to the back of the wreath.

I can pull off the lid, refill the canister with water and then replace the lid. The staking wire is wrapped around the bottom of the canister so I don't need to intefere with the hanging system when I remove the lid.

You could also use those little glass tubs with a rubber stopper that are often found in mini marts - they are used to keep roses fresh.

So - just thought I would bring you up to date!  My little intended reuse project that has become a permanent part of my home!

Hi there! I just came across

Hi there!
I just came across this today and are amazed at your brilliant ideas. I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE your punched butterflies and ivy wreath. I will try my hand at your wreath idea for Mothers Day and of course one for myself. I am going to try a bigger bottle - not sure what kind yet but I am sure that I will be recycling something :). In your punched butterfly post you mentioned something about galvanized picture wire bead embroidery (I hope I got that right). I can't seem to find it. Could you please direct me to the correct area.

Butterflies are a HUGE part of my life - they symbolize many things but for me they symbolize a new beginning, a new life. I had cancer 4 years ago and thankfully have been in remission since. I now collect butterflies to help remind me of how special, yet short that our life is.

Oops, one more thing. I looked at your butterfly mobile - I will be making this as well.

and, as you and your followers mentioned using pie plates for the punched butterflies. There is another type of metal that you may be familiar with. I am not sure what they are actually called but I use this 'pan' thingy to go under my burner in the oven. This 'pan' catches all of the drippings that may fall to the bottom of the oven when I am cooking. This 'pan' is very smooth and thicker than a pie plate. And best of all its big so several butterflies can be born of it,,,,and it can be found at the dollar store.

Keep up the GREAT work. I am very happy that I came across your website.

Take care!
Tina xx - Ontario, Canada

Hi Your post made me first

Your post made me first very pussled and the surprised! I could not at first understand how you kept your lovely wreath alive, and then you told how. What a good idea!

That's brilliant Pam. It's so

That's brilliant Pam. It's so pretty I would want it up all year long!

Wow!(At the risk of being

Wow!(At the risk of being less than eloquent) That is SO cool!

fantastic idea to re-use a

fantastic idea to re-use a film container ... your wreath is still looking lovely