Celebrating Mothers Part 3 - "Mom Treasures"

Ok!  So I am a MOM!  And that entitles me to share a few of my "Mom Treasures" - handmade gifts from my own children, Diane and Michael!

Diane took photography in high school. This one is one of my favorites - her instructor gave this image 10 out of 10 for both composition and print making. I love the feeling of depth and mystery.

Here is proof! Diane has been into PC for a long time!  This beautiful box has been in constant use for over 25 years! Having such a crafty daughter, my house is full of treasures! And these are some of my favorites.

The butterflies in the background are actually painted on a framed mirror - the design first scratched through the mirror coating on the back and then painted. Personally, I think Diane should treat her fans to a tutorial for this technique!    

My beautiful, origami lilies! I use them often in bouquets, wreath decoration and shelf accents. She actually made them as the topping for a package!  Can you imagine the hours it took her to wrap that package?

I can not look at these clay creatures without smiling!  Diane wishes I would get rid of them!  Can you believe that! I don't think she has a clue when it comes to understanding "Mom Treasures".

My son, Michael, who insists he is not artistic, made this print for me when he was in grade school.  Apparently the design was carved into linoleum, inked and applied to paper.  He told me he made it for me because he knew I loved American Indian pottery. Mike has more artistic ability than he wants to admit.

I have to admit, when I opened this gift from my 6 year old son, I was taken aback for a bit!  Having been accustomed to "girl gifts" from my daughter, I was startled by this monster staring up at me from the tissue!  Of course all these many years later, he too brings a smile every time I see him sitting among my house plants!

Ok all you Moms out there!  Why not share some of your "Mom Treasures!"

I am just beginning to

I am just beginning to receive wonderful treasures from my children! This Mother's Day was my best ever, as I received handmade gifts from all 3 of my children. Now even my youngest is old enough to make me things! These mean more to me than any gifts I've ever gotten!
Though, I'll admit that the composter that I also got for Mother's Day was a pretty big hit for me! ;)


The little monster cracks me

The little monster cracks me up and reminded me of the time I opened up a mailed 20-something birthday box from my Mom. All the normal things were in there ... and a dog-chewed Terminator action figure. When I called to thank her, I asked about the Terminator, thinking my toddler brother might have slipped it in the box when she wasn't looking. "Actually," she said, "He wanted you to have it for your Birthday." Ha!

*LAUGHS* I do not have any

*LAUGHS* I do not have any mom treasures, but I was definitely the kind of daughter who constantly doled them out. I know for a fact that my mom still has a bracelet that I made for her which consisted of multicolored plastic "crystal" beads strung onto a plain old rubber band, with a lengthy note describing what virtues each bead represented. HILARIOUS.

And I just bet your mother

And I just bet your mother would never part with it!

Oh, I can't STAND it! How

Oh, I can't STAND it! How talented is this family?!
I'm afraid I never made anything as fabulous as these things for my mom. Also, I'm not a mom, unless you count my doggie, Scout. But I don't really want to share anything that she's made for me...

It's really to your benefit that I say this.

Those clay monsters ROCK !!

Those clay monsters ROCK !! :D

THANK YOU!  They do rock,

THANK YOU!  They do rock, don't they!  I can't believe Diane cannot see their charm.  I wish they were bigger - they are only 1 inch high.

These are great! You have

These are great! You have such creative kids. My teenage son would rather play the electric guitar than craft adorable gifts for his mom.... ;-) Strange, no? But I used to knit and sew his clothes when he was small and I saved all the nicest sweaters I made for him. Hard to believe this tall skinny boy once fit into them. Thanks for sharing the memories!

Oh, I love them all -

Oh, I love them all - especially the whimsical creatures....

Okay, I'm not a Mom, but I

Okay, I'm not a Mom, but I can easily attest to the charm of 'Mom Treasures'. Several years ago while going through things in my mother's house, I kept finding all sorts of things she had kept. Baby clothes someone had made and given to her when I was born, my first knitted swatch, my first scrap cloth with really crooked embroidery stitches, ceramic doodads of all kinds, and the list goes on. My Mom kept stuff from Brownies as well. The point is, it was a testimony to the love we shared at alll those times of gift giving of hand-made treasures. The love I felt for my Mom while making them and the love my Mom had for me all those years.

Those treasures are just as precious to provide instant replay of memories as much as, if not better than, photos do.

I love those little clay people Dianne made for you! People spend actual money to buy those type of figurines made from unfinished terra cotta clay. Your's are priceless BECAUSE of the memories attached. I wouldn't get rid of any of those precious things, either :))

HAHAHAHA! Well, you've been

HAHAHAHA! Well, you've been threatening to put this stuff on your blog for a year now. Today was the day! :-) Those cave people crack me up - what was I thinking?

Diane I have been good!  You

Diane I have been good!  You don't see your rabbits or jack in the box here!  Those  I promise never to reveal!  Even though they are truly awesome.

I love your cave people!  And you can make me more out of sculpy any ole time!

Lucky me having a daughter who has given me so many memories to cherish.