Celebrating Mothers Part 4 - My Mom and the War of Two Worlds

My Mother made this painting of Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon  following a back pack trip we shared when she was in her mid-50's.  It took me nearly 20 years to talk her into giving it to me!

I wanted it for two reasons.  First, it is one of the best of all her paintings. And second, it is rare evidence of the artistic genes she passed on to me! (Her paintings never seem to live up to her expectations and quietly disappear.)

My Mother has been painting ever since I can remember.  One of my most tresured memories is of a golden afternoon sitting side by side on lawn chairs under an immense, old willow tree - she with her canvass and brushes and paints and me with my pad of paper and box of watercolors.  I was three or four at the time. We didn't say too much to each other, we just  painted together wrapped in creative spirit.

My Mother was very generous to me!  She not only passed on her artistic genes, she also passed on her organizational/practical genes as well. So, like her, I am doomed to spend my life with my right brain and my left brain constantly at war!  Because we have been blessed with right brain genes and left brain genes in equal numbers!

One is always sabotaging the other!

My creative, artistic expressions must always have a purpose - an end result that is useful and long lasting.

My organized/practical self can only prevail just so long before the more relaxed artistic self jumps in to "disassemble"!

But, these are small prices to pay for being given such a gift.  A gift that allows me to experience and enjoy a wide spectrum of all that life offers. Like my Mother, I am as much at home with physics and philosophy as I am weaving and punching tin.  (In my Mother's case - painting!)

Thank you, Mom.  I wouldn't want to be any other way!



I have really enjoyed your

I have really enjoyed your series on mums! I particularly loved 'mum's treasures' and it made me think about not only all the things my own kids have made which I wish to keep, but all the things I myself made as a child which my own mum has kept. What a wonderful and meaningful idea to do this! Thank you for letting us read this - it's lovely!

This is such a great painting

This is such a great painting that your mother did, Pam. :) It looks like as if the waterfall is moving. I really, really like it.

Like TeriC said, I also had some good reading fun catching up your latest blog posts about mother's day. I'm thinking about doing something similar but for father's day, instead. (I guess I'll have to post about my mother later, during this year. :) )

That is a lovely painting! I

That is a lovely painting! I am hoping to snag one of my moms paintings as well!!!!

How blessed you are to be

How blessed you are to be able to follow the war and battle. It is so nice to have that balance. As I can attest it is so hard to be creative and have no manual talent to be able to actually create it. And then to be practical is really an icing on the cake. Could you imagine what Van Gogh or any other starving artist would be able to achieve with this balance?

I have so much to catch up on

I have so much to catch up on here Pam. New puppy is keeping very busy indeed.
What a fantastic painting to have. I bet looking at it also reminds you of the wonderful trip you took together. How kind of her to let you have it. I hope all is well with you. Be back soon to read all of these sweet installments.
J x

I have just spent and

I have just spent and enjoyable time catching up on your Blogs. And this one is just heart-warming. What a beautiful tribute. No wonder you are such a wonderful person!! And I am so happy we met.