Easy Summer Garden Tip - Make Gourd Planters

Since I couldn't entice a single bird family to move into my hanging gourd bird house this spring, I decided to fill it with plants! I cut and cleaned a couple more gourds to keep it company.

Some people use small saws or even electric tools to carve an opening in the gourd.  I prefer to use those ubiquitous little pumpkin saws.  The smaller teeth work better than the bigger teeth.

Before cutting, I usually draw a design on the surface, but for this project - I just cut a circle - sort of!  With all those leaves - who is to know it isn't perfect?

I use another "pumpkin tool" to remove the seeds and pulp from the inside.  The pulp is so dry,  it will come out easily.  I recommend you remove the seeds and pulp in a well ventilated area - sometimes the dust can be a bit irritating.

For fun, let the kids plant a few seeds in the garden to see what happens!

You might find this gourd preparation tutorial helpful.  Diane and I worked on this one together.  You can link from her site or link direct to the full tutorial here on Craftstylish.

No need to worry too much about getting every scrap of pulp out since you will be filling the cavity with dirt. Mostly clean is good enough.

Once the gourd cavity is cleaned, make a few holes in the bottom for drainage and a couple more at the top for hanging.  I use an old ice pick - but drills work great too.

Now simply place some soil and your plant into the cavity.  Cover the surface with a bit of moss to hold the moisture.  Place a string or cord through the two holes at the top ( I use a big tapestry needle) and you are done!

A little tip I learned the hard way!  Don't get really big plants! Unless, of course you have a really big gourd! Plants sold in the pony packs work perfectly.  I had to remove some of the root material from the 4" pot plants I used.  The plants are fine, but I don't think they like me much.

Hummmmmmm.... just had a thought!  Wouldn't a really big, plant filled gourd be cool sitting on the patio?  Gotta get my hands on one and try it out!

I will get mine at the Pumpkin Patch next week, but Welburn Gourd Farm carries a great selection including really big gourds.

These are just fantastic!

These are just fantastic!

That is such a great idea! I

That is such a great idea! I love how the planter blends in so naturally. They're really, really pretty! Thanks so much for the details, I'll be linking.

What a great idea!

What a great idea!

If I weren't such a frail

If I weren't such a frail delicate flower, I'd be running out to do this! And wouldn't it be cool painting them all different colors, and having halloween ones and everything?

But mostly, I wanted to tell you that any blog with the word ubiquitous in it has my vote!

"Mostly clean is good

"Mostly clean is good enough." I love that, it describes perfectly the way I house-keep! haha!

I've never crafted with gourds, but this makes me want to go hunt some down. Nothing like nature to nurture nature. (Say that fast 3 times!).

I love these Pam. I used to

I love these Pam. I used to make them as candles for halloween but as planters is even better. You can also check how easy it is to color/paint those gourds that way you can have a red/white/blue planters for the 4th :)

Halloween Candles?  Got to

Halloween Candles?  Got to get to the bottom of this!  I have been leary to put a real candle in any gourd. 

I love painted gourds and thought about painting on designs before i planted these.  But I really have a thing for the shape and surface mottling of gourds and decided to use these in the "raw"!  Also Iam thinking they would be too busy with designs painted all over them.

The plants are doing so well in their gourd homes and getting bigger every day. 

Great idea and it looks so

Great idea and it looks so neat also!

These are so cool! I may have

These are so cool! I may have to make some from this giant box of gourds in my garage.

I need to take a peak into

I need to take a peak into that giant box of gourds you keep mentioning is sitting in your garage.  How long have they been sitting there now waiting for us to play???

Pam, just another great idea

Pam, just another great idea and a way for me to also use some of the gourds I have been pushing aside in my basement.